Rajan Rondo allegedly pulled a gun on his baby’s mother and threatened her

Rajan Rondo’s former longtime partner and mother of his children, Ashley Bachelor, claims he pulled out a gun and threatened her during an outburst of anger.

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Rajan Rondo is facing serious charges after he allegedly fired a gun at his ex-partner and mother of his child, Ashley Bachelor, this off-season.

The bachelor’s complaint is that on May 11, Rondo and their son were prevented from playing video games when she asked the boy to do separate laundry. According to TMZThe bachelor then claims that Rondo erupted in rage, ripping the game console off the wall and smashing things inside and outside the house.

Rajan Rondo

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He claimed that he had tried to calm the situation, but Rajan threatened him and responded by saying “you are dead”. Then, he left the house and came back with a gun, knocking on a window, “Go get my son,” the bachelor complained in a defensive order.

Fearing to annoy her, she found their son Pierre and claims Rondo pushed him out. After a while, their daughter gets involved before Rondo’s parents arrive, which eventually leaves Rondo.

The graduate applied for an emergency protection order for her and her two children in Louisville last week and expressed her concern.

“I am terrified of my safety and the safety of my children. Rajan has a history of restless, erratic, explosive behavior. He is verbally, emotionally and financially abusive. He physically assaulted our son and called him ‘p *** y’ and accused him of behaving like ‘b ***’ “, reportsTMZ

“Rajan beats our daughter to death. He calls her ‘Thought, B *** and D ** Khed’. Rajan has threatened my life at different times to shoot me or in my car.

Rondo has not addressed these allegations, but so far, it is not looking good for him. Police have not identified Rajan Rondo as a suspect in any crime and have not made any arrests.

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