Rajan Rondo is accused of pulling a gun on the child’s mother, threatening to kill her

Cleveland Cavaliers The watchman Rajan Rondo The mother of her child has told authorities that she pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him, leading to some serious allegations.

Ashley Bachelor, a mother of two for the NBA player, filed a defensive order last week after a heated argument in Louisville.

As reported by TMZ, the bachelor said Rondo was playing a video game with their son on May 11 when he asked the boy to do separate laundry. That’s when Rondo gets angry and tears the video game console off the wall. The bachelor claimed that Rondo went to break a tea cup, outdoor light and trash can before trying to calm the situation. He says Rondo responded with death threats, telling him – “You’re dead.”

The NBA player then left the house for 15 minutes and returned with a gun in the back window. The bachelor said he told her to stop and Rondo yelled, “Go take my son.” He said he obeyed in fear and brought their son Pierre to the back door and then Rondo took the baby out with him and started shouting at him as to why he was afraid of his father.

The bachelor says Rondo called their daughter and yelled at her for the same thing.

On May 13, the bachelor filed a defensive order telling a judge that he feared for her and her children’s safety, telling a judge that this was not the first time the NBA star had offended her and their children.

“I am terrified of my safety and the safety of my children. Rajan has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior, “said the bachelor. “She is OK, verbally and emotionally. She physically assaults our son and calls him ‘py’ and accuses him of behaving like a ‘b-ch’.

“Rajan beats our daughter to death. She calls him ‘Thought, B-H, D-Khed’. Rajan has threatened my life at different times to shoot me or in my car.

A judge granted the protective order. At the time of the press, Rondo was not named as a crime suspect.

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