Randall Emmett has sued for more than 8 10.8 million in unpaid debt

Gerald Butler sued Randall Emmett for more than 10.8 million after abusing a movie loan as details of the case were released

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Randall Emmet A case is being filed against the debt defaulter.

According to a new report, the ex-fianc Vanderpump rules Star Lala Kent A new lawsuit has been filed by a UK-based company alleging that the film’s director and producer, his partner, George FurlaAnd their production company, Emmett Furla Oasis Films, for breach of contract.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, The Fays Facility (TFF) claimed that they had entered into a loan agreement with the defendants where they paid them $ 4 million for a film. Mexican. However, after agreeing that the money would only be used for the film, a certain withdrawal is alleged to have been redirected to another film.

As the company explained, Gerard Butler Was present Mexican And the defendants have to share their accounts with them regularly. But in March 2020, after sending $ 1.25 million to the actor’s talent agent, TFF discovered that the funds were actually used to pay the actor for a different film. Dog furWhich is facing an additional lawsuit for a 287,500 loan.

“Neither the borrower nor the defendant paid any of the money advanced under the bridge loan facility,” the lawsuit claims, noting that Randall and his co-defendants were expected to repay the loan from proceeds from other projects, which they failed to do.

TFF is suing Randall, George and their production company for more than 8 10.8 million in damages and they have claimed in their lawsuit that Emmet Furla Films Holdings has been suspended by the franchise tax board.

As Pump rules Fans may have heard that Randall has faced a number of lawsuits in recent months, including a lawsuit filed against him by an insurance company, a “conspiracy to defraud” and an unpaid rental case from a landlord in his former office space. Los Angeles.

Just this week, Randall listed the Bell Air home he shared with Lala for 6.295 million.

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