Rapper Guna Rico is not guilty, the judge denied

Guna Not coming out soon. After RICO pleaded not guilty, a judge denied Atlanta rapper’s bond.

Whose real name is Guna Sergio KitchensArrested May 11 in Atlanta, 27 other people separate Young thugsIts record label is “Young Stunner Life.” Prosecutors allege that the arrested members were part of a gang called “Young Slim Life.” Atlanta has been plagued by allegations of criminal activity since 2012, including car jacking, threats and murder.

All listed members are charged with criminal gang activity. Guna is not guilty of a charge for part of the RICO Act. Nevertheless, prosecutors believe he has violated the law for at least a decade.

FOX 5 Atlanta reports that Guna was not only an associate but also a “registered gang member” who was in “command position” and “a boss.”

The state also cited the rapper’s previous four arrests and quoted songs where he and defendant Young Thug were “followed by snipers in their gang personalities” with additional mention of weapons and violence.

However, the New York Senate recently passed a bill limiting the use of rap songs as evidence in court. Senate Bill S7527 does not completely prohibit the lyrics of rap songs as evidence, but the lyrics must be proved to be “literal, rather metaphorical or fictional.”

The Fulton County judge rejected the bond because of the growing fear among witnesses and people involved in the investigation. The young thug was also denied bond and was produced in court on Monday morning.

Guna’s trial is set for January 9, 2023.

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