Rapper Yella Bezi arrested in connection with a pending sexual harassment case

Dallas Wrapper Yella Bezi Has put himself in more trouble. After posting insufficient amounts for bail, the rapper returned to jail on a pending sexual harassment charge.

In 2021, a woman claims that Bezi sexually abused her when she first dated him. He is currently facing three charges, including abandoning and endangering a child and carrying an illegal weapon on top of sexual harassment.

The woman claims that the rapper invited her to his house, where they started playing cards and talking. While playing cards, Bezi got aggressive and handsome. He allegedly pulled her clothes and raped her.

Bezi learns of the allegations and says it’s not even in her character, claiming she “didn’t press for sex.”

“I was arrested on false charges. I was arrested even before I was interrogated and I knew what was happening, but this is a false accusation. ” He claims the allegations are false because he did not know about them.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not obsessed with sex or anything like that. I’m not an aggressive person who doesn’t fit in with me. My character, me and that same thang are not included in the same sentence. I can’t even hear it coming out of my mouth. “

The rapper was supposed to post one million bonds but had insufficient funds, which sent him back to prison.

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