Relatives of the Buffalo shooter have blamed COVID-19 isolation for the massacre

Oh no! Relatives of the Buffalo supermarket shooter are using COVID as the cause of the massacre. They told The Post on Monday that 18-year-old Dr. Peyton Gendron Snap was probably because he was paranoid and isolated due to the epidemic.

Isn’t it hard for people to believe everything? Sometimes it’s just racism.

They further added that they had no idea he was a so-called white supremacist but that he clearly needed help after threatening his high school classmates more than a year ago.

They do not know if he ever got help.

“I don’t know how he got caught up in it. I’m blaming it on Kovid, “said Sandra Komroff, 68, who is the mother of Gendron, a cousin of Pamela, while referring to the alleged hate-fueled teenager who killed 10 black people at a Tops Friendly Market on Saturday.

“She was OK. [to school]”He added.

“And then he got Kovid a few weeks ago. … She went to the family event wearing a respirator mask. He’s not going to get Covid completely – and then he got Covid. “

“They were under maximum pressure,” he said of the family. “I don’t know if it was a bad case, I just know he caught it.”

Apparently, Jandron “bought for fear of Kovid.”

“It simply came to our notice then. And when you’re at home on the Internet all day, you’re missing out on people, “said Sandra. “You don’t get a lot of emotion and a lot of body language [as] When you see their faces. “

Her husband, Dave Comeroff, 68, also addressed the issue, saying: “Theoretically, [COVID] They can affect what is called the lizard brain – the part of the brain that controls aggression.

“I can’t say it’s impossible, but maybe it will happen in millions of times.”

Prior to Saturday’s massacre, Gendron allegedly wrote a 180-page white supremacist manifesto outlining his racist philosophy and outlining his step-by-step plan for the assassination, law enforcement sources said.

The Chilling Document further details how he became “radical” online due to “extreme monotony” in the early days of the epidemic, the New York Post reported.

Comorphos denies knowing anything about Gendron’s horrific racist thinking, adding, “He’s very smart.

“I don’t know where he went online – the Dark Web, or anywhere – but apparently he got into some bad stuff. He is smart enough to get into dangerous things online, which the average person will not know how to get into.

“I mean, I’m trying to figure it out myself.”

When asked about his threat at his school in June 2021 – when Jandron was asked about his future plans and said he wanted to commit suicide – Dave replied, “My question is, and I don’t know the answer, but what are they?” Did you do something? “

“My parents are fine. Did they put him in any kind of therapy? Because when they file a civil case, that is what will come out. Someone will ask, ‘What did you do last year after this incident?’ They will ask parents, ‘What have you done? What have you done to help this kid? ‘

“Both parents are college students. They are intelligent. They are engineers. They are not hill people. ‘Did you think he needed any help?’ “

At the time, state police took him to a hospital for a psychiatric assessment but he was released a day and a half later.

“The light bulb should have been off,” Sandra said. “This kid should have had some empathy training that taught them to be human.”

Other than that, the teenager and his family checked all the boxes of “What do you think is normal”.

“It’s a good family, a very good family. What happened is inappropriate to me. They are very average people, God-fearing, ”said Sandra.

“I don’t understand racist things, because my family is the farthest thing from racism. I never heard racist remarks from him, from his parents. It’s almost like he just snapped. Some of it is broken.

“The whole family is shocked.”

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