Remy’s mother says she was giving Doza the cat a compliment when she said she wasn’t one.

Remy’s mother Making him clear Doja cat The rapper’s comments came weeks after Dozer’s loyal fanbase dragged him on social media.

If you withdraw, it’s time to look Drink champs Back MarchThe “Lean back” MC gave his opinion “Say it” The star and shared that although Doza is talented, he does not consider her a rapper.

“I do not think he is a rapper. Let’s get clean. They put him in the rapper’s section. I don’t think he’s a rapper. But he records dope, and I think he’s dope, “he said as he sat down. Remy’s remarks didn’t go down well with many people, some of whom thought he hated Doza.

It didn’t sit well with Dozer, who jumped Twitter After a while, Remy and everyone else raises questions about his song.

“Never disrespect me as a rapper,” Doja tweeted at the time.

Fast forward to Remy’s recent interview with Black compassThe 42 years old He clarified his comments by sharing that he was not trying to upset Doza.

“I thought I admired him. His whole team or fan base came for my life. I was like, ‘I thought I said something good!’ ”Remy explained.

The debate over whether Doza Kat can be classified as a rapper has been going on since he set foot in the music industry. However, such records “Such,” “rule,” And “Road” Combining elements of hip-hop, pop and R&B, it has shown its endless versatility. Such artistic displays often blur the lines between rapper and pop star. Still, with one Grammy And with countless other accolades under his belt, his musical ability has cemented Doza as one of the most talented jobs in the business.

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