Reports reveal that leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have sexually abused

Houston Chronicle That report Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention Allegations of sexual harassment have been misused and covered up

Survivors are stopped after they come forward. According to a new report, the survivors were “repeatedly resisted, stoned and even met with complete hostility” by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. Since the report, the church has steadily declined.

Prior to the SBC rally, church membership was at an all-time low, following the “debate over systemic issues” arising from racism, sexual harassment, and abuse of women.

The Full report Was published Sunday morning and followed a seven-month investigation by Guidepost Solutions. Axios They cover everything found in the report.

“Our findings show that over the years, some senior EC leaders, along with outside prosecutors, have largely controlled the EC’s response to reports of abuse. They intensively protected information on allegations of abuse and litigation, which were not shared with EC trustees, and focused solely on avoiding liability for SBC, excluding other considerations. ”

Includes a quote, “In pursuit of this goal, survivors and others who have complained of abuse have been ignored, distrusted or misunderstood that SBC could not take any action because of its policy on church autonomy – even if it means conviction.” The perpetrators have continued to work in the ministry without any notice or warning in their current church or congregation. ”

“While abuse stories were minimized, and survivors were ignored or even denounced, in recent years some senior SBC leaders have defended or supported alleged abusers.”

President Ed Lytton said he was deeply saddened and prayed for the victims. “Southern Baptists will begin preparations today to take deliberate action to address these failures and to create a new course when we meet in Anaheim.”

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