Review: Atlanta Season 3 Episode 10 ‘Tarre’

Atlanta takes us on a roller coaster trip with Van in the season finale when he crosses the road with old friends from Atlanta to scare Alexander Scarsgard.

FX's 3rd season premiere "Atlanta" - The red carpet

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Last night FX and Atlanta made the final delivery of his season and what the season was like we didn’t know exactly what to expect. The episode begins with three beautiful women from Atlanta, (Candice, Shanis and Josha) thanks to the foreign Candice and her work that makes some French men’s dreams come true. While the women were enjoying lunch, Candice saw a familiar face from Atlanta, Van. He tries to act as if he doesn’t know her as he approaches the van but he doesn’t buy it and Van Cave. The four then embarked on a day trip with the van and his new life of acting like a local, even using an accent and depicting Terrer. Their first stop is at a local hotel where they connect all the people with Alexander Skarsg্ডrd. There is some kind of superstition or game going on with Alex’s van and he comes out of his hotel room, puts drugs on him and warns the front desk to check him out.

Will it all make sense in the end, or at least we think so?

That should be sufficient enough to inform you of how this episode goes, but just be aware that the weird theme ends and the van returns to reality and you can almost feel its world set in ruins and reality set. Reality is also set during the post-credit scene. Since Earn has probably returned to Atlanta and dropped the luggage he knows it’s not his. It seems like a formula that not all one-off episodes are so random.

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