#RHOA Impossible friend file: Kenya protects Drew from her husband’s gaslighting,

A The real housewife of Atlanta She was saved by an unlikely ally who put her husband in her place. In an amazing moment in # RHOA’s Sunday episode, Drew Sidora was saved by Kenya Moore while on a cast trip to New York.

Ralph Pitman X Drew Sidora

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It has been previously reported that Drew’s marital problems have been going on for 14 seasons and viewers have seen her husband Ralph constantly harass her, especially when it comes to a female assistant who offered to give her a massage.

Ralph Pitman talks to his assistant at RHOA

While at a group dinner, Ralph and Drew were clear about the pressure of supporting drama in their marriage. The team consisted of Sania and Aaron, Candy and Todd, Sherry, Kenya and Marlowe. Also Honest when giving their opinion about the situation.

“I had to fire the assistant,” Pitman told the group. “I think the question is, how do you get over it and say, ‘This is something that happened in the past and now we can get over it.'”

Candy told him it looked “really crazy” but Ralph continued.

“And it could [look crazy] If you do not understand the context behind it! Ralph says. “I owned my share… but it wasn’t like Ralph said, ‘Hey, let me go and grab this assistant with a big butt!’ [Drew and I] There was some extremely bad growing pain as well as we were trying to do business together. We were in a dark place. “

“It’s worse for you that there was a woman around you who was working closely with you,” Kandi replied. “I don’t understand how you can’t see how he’ll feel a way.”

“Why are we counting it anymore?” Ralph asked, trying to get past the conversation. “Something different happens to you than what happened to me, and that’s fine.”

Kenya Moore defends Drew Sidora

Ralph could complete his match with Kenya. The RHOA husband was quickly stopped by a housewife who told him flat-out that he was disrespectful to Drew.

“Look, let me tell you this now. If my husband tells me this, I will turn over this table because it is very disrespectful, ”Kenya said. You’re basically saying he’s lying and that’s not how it happened. It will annoy me if someone says it in my mouth, especially if I get hurt. Don’t you understand that You are tearing him up. ”

She compared Ralph’s history of gaslighting to that of her estranged husband, Mark Daly, who had a recorded history of being disrespectful to her.

“Ralph, you reminded me of Mark, he’s crazy,” Kenya added. “He doesn’t want to feel illegal. He doesn’t want to say anything and you’re defensive and you say, ‘You’re crazy to think that.’ “

“She’s a *** hole,” she added to some of the other women at the table. “She’s a *** hole. I’ve seen her talk to him and it reminds me of the time Mark used to talk to me like that.

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Kenya Defending Drew RHOA enlightened with the response of observers that Drew and Kenya had beef before.

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