RHOA questions Sheree Drew’s husband’s “financial activity”

RHOA's Sherry Whitfield to Drew Sidora

The war continues.

During a dramatic fight at a children’s birthday party, Dry Sidora Says Sherry Whitfield Refuses to pay his former assistant (who now works for Drew). After the episode aired, the battle moved to a new location: Twitter.

Drew pulled the first trigger, in the shadow of his coaster’s “pay-roll”. In a memorable countermeasure, Sherry condemned Drew’s marriage Ralph Pitman – On the supposed ‘villain’ The real housewife of Atlanta.

Drew went recently Peach report And says, “I think Sherry comes and she goes. She’s worried about whether she’ll be back next season. “

Sherry replied Twitter: “Girl bye! Don’t worry about ALLLLL! [peaches] #charitypeach has become #rottenpeach #putsomerespeckonmyname. “

Drew Feedback On the same platform, creates another hint. “Hold on, girl, you don’t have a peach PPP?” He ended the post with a hashtag, “#thefedsarecoming.”

Sherry clapped, “If Fedra sees anything, it will be your husband’s financial activity !!” What does he do again ???? “I heard that.”

Photo Credit: @ IamSheree / Twitter, via REDREWSIDORA Queens of Bravo

At some point during the war, Drew defended his status as a customer, saying, “Girl bye must have been directly rated # 1 3 weeks and not to mention my screen time has been longer than yours.”

Sherry replied, “You’re absolutely right on screen time, boo. B clear storyline b4 taped for Clear U Weeks. I went there while I was still negotiating my contract. #Iknowmyworth – So, if you’re proud of how you penis Thank you for coming! ”

Photo Credit: @ IamSheree / Twitter, via REDREWSIDORA Queens of Bravo

Which ‘housewife’ won? It seems that both sides are now counting the number of casualties. The war may be over, but the war is just beginning.

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