RHOA star Candy Baras ‘unhappy’ with Andy Cohen at WWHL.

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The real housewife of Atlanta Star Kandi Baras Not happy with Andy Cohen.

An attendance time Watch Live What Happens Next to her daughter, RelayAs a bartender for the night, Andy Riley’s father brought up the subject of music producers Russell “Block” SpencerWith whom he is very openly isolated.

During the segment, Andy addressed Riley and asked, “Has your relationship with your father improved at all?”

The question caught Riley off-guard, but he quickly made up his mind and replied, “I don’t remember the last time I spoke to him, so he answers this question.”

Kandi recently appeared in Christian Snows Sl * t pig Podcast and said he felt Riley maturely “handled” the situation. However, he’s not happy that Andy brought up the subject because it was a painful place for Candy and Riley, which Andy knows.

“I didn’t tell her about it, but I didn’t really like it when she showed my daughter’s father on camera live,” Kandi said in the podcast.

Kandi revealed that he was doubly upset because the rally was not supposed to start WWHL On the night in question, but because the show’s main bartender couldn’t make it, Riley was on Andy’s side.

“He became a bartender,” Candy explained. “There were others who were supposed to be bartenders, but they were late. [Riley] There were, so they were, ‘Oh, you want to be a bartender?’

“It wasn’t that she was ready or something else, so it somehow got her off guard,” Candy said, adding that Riley’s relationship with her father continued before adding a “sensitive issue.”

However, there is some good news that Kandy and Riley have been acquired recently.

Candy won her 2021 child support case against Russell, which Riley was equally proud of.

“Okay, okay, I don’t think my dad really did anything. It’s time to give him at least something when I’m going to college,” he said in 2020.

And the court must have agreed.

RHOA Season 14 airs on Sunday night at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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