‘RHOA’ star Drew Sidora Porsha, without Cynthia

RHOA's Drew Sidora, filming without Porsha and Cynthia, feels like he "Going to be divorced," And Trusting Ralph, Plus Weight Loss and NBA Romance

Dry Sidora Dashing is currently airing in the 14th season aired The real housewife of Atlanta.

A tidy peek in front of which he and Kandi Baras Looking back on their past flinges with celebrities, Drew admits he missed ex-customers. Porsche Williams And Cynthia BaileyHe admits he’s constantly feeling like he’s on the verge of divorce and explains how moving with him is. Sania Richards-Ross She changed after joining the show.

“I miss my daughters. I still miss them, “admits Drew Porsha and Cynthia in a June 1 interview with our weekly. “I entered through Cynthia and then Porsha was my neighbor. Our girls play together. We chat all the time so my daughter isn’t here, we texted a lot but it wasn’t the same. But it did give me the opportunity to meet other women. “

Throughout its 14th season RHOA So far, the problems of Drew’s marriage have become clear. And even today, things are far from perfect in them.

“It always feels like we’re almost going to divorce,” Drew shared, adding that when he left home and flew to Chicago, he felt “done.”

“I went home … and I have to stay close to my family. And Ralph came to Chicago, ”he recalled.“ We were actually in the circus and he showed up at the circus, ‘It’s been a long time. You are tripping. I want my family back. ‘ It’s really, really the essence of who we are. Sometimes it’s me and sometimes it’s like, ‘We won’t give up.’ And we’re on this journey every day. “

Although things were rocky with Ralph, she confirmed that she trusted her husband – despite her mysterious trip to Tampa and her shady lessons from her assistant.

“In my heart, I trust my husband because I also know that his other side is growing up in a single family … I grew up in a two-family family, and the love I received is different,” she noted. “[It] It really helps me to be more forgiving and more sensitive that we are both on the road to improvement. We just try to work through it, but not every day is perfect. “

Also time RHOA Season 14, Drew Spotlight Drop it with Drew, Her fitness and weight loss program – but it was not without controversy. In fact, both Sanya and Kandi questioned whether she had really dropped 25 pounds in the three weeks she initially claimed.

“I didn’t have the math math and I would own that part,” Drew said of the debate. “My math was wrong. I lost 25 pounds with the whole program that I did. Our program is a 21-day challenge, so in the first challenge, yes, I lost 10 pounds. But I did the challenge more than once so I gained 25 pounds. I was excited to learn about it so I think I tried to oversell it at that moment. And they got me. “

Sanya was actually introduced to the cast as Drew’s friend, but their mobility changed as the cameras began to rotate.

“Sania and I initially had a great connection… we chatted as a couple, we went to dinner, she came to my mom’s birthday party. It was amazing and I was like, ‘We’re going to be young. We’re going to have fun. We’re going to occupy and just be enlightened. ‘ And it turns out she’s not exactly that girl, “Drew admits.” Still, I’m just learning from her. People will see who she really is. “

The close friendship that he had on the show, Drew said that everything was fine with Sanya and almost everyone except him. Sherry Whitfield.

“Sanya and I, we just, we couldn’t go to the same page. It was really hard. It was really challenging. And Sherry and I, there was a big misunderstanding between us, “he revealed.

Drew also felt some excitement Kenya Moore In the past. But after correction RHOA Season 13 reunion, they were able to start anew.

“Anyone who can be the owner and apologize must be able to move forward. So I had to stretch that olive branch. And we did [get to a better place]”She is OK.

Others RHOA In a June 5 episode shared by News Six on Page 6, Drew and Kandy were spotted answering questions about Kenya’s “most famous person who hit them.”

“I was in Melrose and we were at a restaurant and a certain NBA king sent me for a drink,” Drew reminded his customer and Ralph.

“Was it before her marriage?” Marlowe Hampton asked.

“It was before her marriage,” Drew confirmed.

When naming the Drew NBA player, the audio was censored.

“We went on a couple of dates, he took me to his game. He used to listen to my songs before he played. The games he won were out of my reach! ” He said. “I’m just saying.”

After thinking Marlowe Shadley, “What song does he have? What music does he have?” Sania suggested that the man in question had been with her current partner for many years.

“No. [bleep] And [bleep] Dating since high school? “He was surprised at a confession, adding that Drew was” talking about Lakuan. “

Because Lakuan rhymes with LeBron James, who has known his wife Savannah since childhood, one might think he is referring to her, although the identity has not yet been revealed.

For Kandy, she agrees with her past romance with the singer Gerald Livert.

“I mean, like, I was in a completely bloated relationship with Gerald Livert,” he shared.

Then, in a confession, he added, “I actually have a song with him that we did together that we didn’t release. Like, it’s sitting on my hard drive.”

The real housewife of Atlanta Season 14 airs on Sunday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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