RHOA Star Nene Lex has brought charges of theft against her husband

There seems to be some confusion and Nene Lex is hoping to clear it up, a bit.

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As we reported earlier, Linethia “Nene Lex” is suing her new boyfriend’s wife for $ 100,000 in what is being called a “love affair”. The affection suit is an alienation Allows a wife to sue a third party for wrongdoing that deprives her of love and affection. Malomin Sio, wife of Leon’s new husband Neoni Sio, complained that after Nen’s husband Greg’s death in September 2021, Nen began a relationship with her husband.

The couple has been making public their relationship since coming to Nen as their date at their 54th birthday party in December. Nene and Nyoni are still actively dating as the pair just met in Atlanta on Wednesday for Pierre “P” Thomas, CEO of Quality Control Records “Black Ball Celebration”.

During a quick live stream captured by the Daily Mail, Nene was hilarious and excited, encouraging viewers to “show a little more love for each other” because “there’s a lot going on in the world” because she made a spill about her identity as an alleged “husband thief”.

“I’m already a husband thief here – and that’s too much. No one steals a husband here, “she muttered.” There’s a lot of unmarried people here, “he muttered,” no one wants to steal someone else’s problem honey. “

Mrs. Sioh disagrees with Nen and is doing so with 100,000. Mrs Seoh alleges that Nene’s relationship with her husband caused her emotional distress, emotional anguish and loss of affection in her marital life, a torture that could really cost the Queen if her wife-in-law could prove it. In an interview in the summer of 2020, Neoni described herself as “happily married with 3 children”. That doesn’t seem to be the case late.

It’s been several years since her husband Greg’s recent departure and her very public issues with the Bravo Network and Andy Cohen. The former Real Housewives star of Atlanta recently filed a lawsuit against the network alleging racism and creating a hostile work environment. “I am constantly being retaliated against, blacklisted, unable to work, silenced,” he said of his relationship with the network.

Looks like Mrs. Lex could spend a lot of time in court soon, at least she’ll have a new bay to keep her company.

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