RHOA’s Sheree Shades Drew Sidora’s wedding on Twitter feud

RHOA's Drew Sidora slams Sherry Whitfield on Twitter in a payroll drummer as Sherry claps

In its latest episode The real housewife of Atlanta, Became the focal point of a loose-tongue assistant drama. Employee, whose name AnthonyAllegedly working for two of the current cast members: Dry Sidora And Sherry Whitfield. According to Drew, Anthony told him that Sherry had made him tough for money. Drew felt compelled to share this information with Sheree.

Sherry’s friend in return Destiny Says the same assistant was running her mouth about another rumor: that Drew’s husband Ralph Pitman Drew, who was gay, became angry at the accusation, and Sherry eventually called him “DG B *** H”. It all happened at a three year old birthday party.

Unfortunately, the drama did not end there. Drew recently accepted Twitter Directly addressing Sherry to call her co-star again.

He first pointed to Sherry’s start tagline, which mentions a moment while struggling to remember a specific date. “If you can’t tell the difference between spring, summer and September,” Drew said. “You probably can’t keep your salary straight. #Rhoa #joggers.”

Sherry didn’t take long to respond.

“Just like you can’t keep your marriage right,” he insisted, and he ended the post with eye-catching emoji.

Sherry’s Dis may be doubled: 1) a clear knock against Drew’s troubled marriage, and 2) a more specific reference to her husband, who may or may not be “directly” according to the rumors.

Unfortunately, Ralph is not unfamiliar with the allegations. Earlier in the season, he was invited to exchange a shady text with his female assistant, who offered to give him a massage. Last year, he was questioned about his mysterious trip to Tampa when he went off the radar for three days.

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