‘RHOBH’ Erica Jain accused of obstructing investigation

RHOBH's Erica Jane accused of obstructing investigation before hearing of $ 5 million case, see what she claims "Extortion" She responds

Erica Jane He is accused of obstructing the investigation into a $ 5 million fraud case filed against him for “gaining an unfair advantage in a lawsuit.”

According to documents filed in a court in California on Thursday, The real housewife of Beverly Hills The cast member failed to take any action to overturn the suspension of his company, EJ Global, which prevented prosecutors from being able to proceed with their discovery process before the July 21 trial.

As Page Six was published on May 26, Erica has been known to know about the suspension of her company since at least February. However, as an attorney Ronald RichardsWho represent law firms Philip and Sheldon And Robert P. FinnExplained, “110 days later, EJ did nothing to get Global LLC out of suspension.”

“The plaintiffs can’t wait any longer because now Erica Girardi is using the suspension to get an unfair advantage in the case,” he continued.

In court documents, Ronald requested a 10-day time limit, for which Erica would have to pay his taxes and have his company reinstated with the California Franchise Tax Board.

In a statement to Page Six regarding the new filing, Erica’s attorney, Evan C. Borges“EZ Global LLC suspension is part of the mess that Tom Girardi has. [TG]Girardi and Keese [GK]And their outside accountant jumps on Erica and leaves her to sort out – without access to records. “

Girardi, Girardi and Keese and their accountants “have always managed the finances of EJ Global LLC, not Erika,” he continued, noting that other accounting companies have access to financial and tax records.

Evan went on to reveal that Erica was an “interest holder” at EJ Global LLC and was trying to figure out “how to file a tax return without a financial record.”

“We did not give up trying, but without a record, it was a very difficult task,” the attorney explained. “The Sheldon plaintiffs and their Twitter attorneys have no lawsuit … their entire lawsuit is based on an unethical fee sharing agreement with GK, which is not enforceable.”

Earlier this month, Evan filed his own motion to keep his client’s financial records confidential, saying “the information contained in the confidential documents has no effect or relevance to the claims or defenses of this activity.”

But in response to Evan’s request, Ronald said the proposal was “unqualified” and that the plaintiffs “refrained from using their identities.” [of EJ Global’s funding source] To explain why the plaintiffs are investigating where their money has gone or why they are asking specific people. “

“As for our pending motion to enforce the defense order, it speaks for itself,” Evan noted. Sheldon wants the plaintiffs and their Twitter attorneys to disclose how Erica received funding from another individual to help pay her bills. The fact that Erica needed help from others to pay her bills shows that there is no secret treasure that she has taken for herself that really belongs to Girard or Girard and what bankruptcy property. “

Erica is being sued, along with her estranged husband Thomas GirardiPhilip R. Sheldon and Robert P. For fraud and breach of contract by Finn’s law office, those who claim they received no part of the settlement of their lawsuit against Girardy Kiss and believe the money has been transferred to EJ Global.

Earlier, it was reported that Erica received 25 25 million in 12 years, of which $ 5 million attorneys believe they owe.

“The plaintiffs in Sheldon have filed a lawsuit against Erica, alleging that Erica, a non-lawyer with a separate profession and recreation, somehow managed the finances of the law firm and somehow decided not to pay TG and GK.” Sheldon is an illegal fee-splitting of plaintiffs, “said Erica’s attorney in response.

“They don’t deserve a penny,” he added. “It had nothing to do with Erica.”

Following the report, in which Evan suggested that attorneys threaten his client, Erica responded with a post on her Instagram page.

“Extortion. That’s what I’m dealing with, “Erica wrote.

RHOBH accuses Erica Jane of extortionists in 5 million case

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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