RHOBH fans accuse Lisa Rinna of staging Harry’s birthday dinner.

RHOBH fans accuse Lisa Rina of staging Harry Hamlin's birthday dinner

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The sauce is out of the jar.

The fans are not happy Lisa Riner 70M Birthday “party” thrown in honor of her husband, Harry HamlinIn the second episode The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

In the episode of 18 May RHOBHLisa throws Harry’s bash at the Guess Hotel in Los Angeles where there is a lobby with a private table set for dinner and a lounge area where the men sit next to each other.

The main course on the menu was a throwback to the ridiculous conflict between Spaghetti Bolognese, Lisa and Lisa. Garcel Beauvais Garcel did not thank Harry for dropping a jar of his “famous sauce” for his last season.

To be honest, the whole dinner looked very staged, it just appeared RHOBH Cast and their respective husbands were present and none of Harry’s friends. And fans took to social media to spread exactly the same allegations.

In a statement posted by The Deep, they said, “[Harry’s birthday] “It was classless. It was embarrassing. It was a lie … This guy is 70 years old and he’s going to celebrate his birthday in a hotel public space …”

Of course, dinner didn’t revolve around Harry’s birthday. Instead, it created another opportunity for argument and drama among women, where neither Harry nor the other husbands were at the table.

Lisa and Sutton streak There are still differences over the Elton John Gala drama and Erica Jane And Sutton told both of them to “leave” themselves. Also, Garsell almost got up and left because the whole conversation at dinner was “trivial.”

Every heavy, viewers take to Reddit to expose the obvious irrationality of all this.

“So you’re trying to tell me that Harry didn’t have any other friends or family at his 70th birthday party ?! Not even the kids were there … I hate how they set the lines for this dumb story !!” One fan wrote.

Another said, “Lisa straight up: ‘Tonight, Harry.’ Oh no, no one has any idea what a good time to have dinner with your wife’s colleagues in the hotel lobby. “

A third one called for pasta dinner, “Then they put the boys at a table and proceeded to talk awkwardly so that the women could sit together and talk awkwardly. So it was staged. They have served pasta to those who do not eat carbohydrates to push the Bolognese story again. “

Some fans defended Lisa’s dinner party, saying it was the epidemic, the COVID ban (which was still in effect at the time of filming) and Harry’s famous friends “wouldn’t want to be on camera anyway.”

I, for one, would love to start selling this “famous sauce” to Harry so I can see what the hoopla is right now.

The new episode The real housewife of Beverly Hills Broadcast Wednesday night at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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