‘RHOBH’ Kathy Hilton shares and deletes confidential ‘tea’ posts

Kathy Hilton of RHOBH shares and deletes Cryptic "Tea" Post, shades "Narcissist" A "Fake personality" And to capitalize on the misfortunes of others

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Kathy Hilton Take her to her Instagram page on Wednesday night in the latest episode The real housewife of Beverly HillsAnd he has shared some mysterious posts with his fans and followers.

Later Lisa Brest He was seen confronting her about the negative things she said about her co-star and sister, Kyle RichardsWho has since admitted that the two of them went through a “rough patch” in the filming, Cathy hinted at the upcoming “tea” and cast a shadow over an unnamed “narcissist”.

িতে In screenshots of Kathy’s deleted posts shared by Queen of Bravo On Instagram, Carmit the Frog is drinking a cup of tea in the first photo, while the second has a tea kettle with steam coming from the tip.

“Hmm … what does Kathy mean?” Outlet surprised, probably with many others.

RHOBH Kathy Hilton shared a confidential post about tea

Although Cathy did not share further details about her mysterious posts, she did share an additional message on her Instagram story where she apparently noticed a narcissist with a meme titled, “The Narcissist When You Need It.”

“When the chips are down, someone who really cares about you, wants to be there for you because you need it. But a narcissist will only be for you, because they need it, “Mem explained. “To feed the drama. To promote the fake personality of those great personalities who are always there for others’, without following. Build the debt of your responsibility towards them. None of your needs are involved in this situation. A chance to be you [capitalized] On. Your misfortune, their fate. “

RHOBH Kathy Hilton Lisa Rinna shared a post about a narcissist in the drama

It is possible that Kathy agreed to her play with Lisa, who reportedly left with her after being accused of slander during a club trip to Aspen.

Mentioning the play in Colorado during an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, Erica Jane Addressed a teaser, which apparently suggested he was on board with a possible takedown of Kathy.

“No one gets a free pass, and Kathy Hilton is included,” Erica noted. “I just wanted an equal playing field, especially when what happened to Cathy happened in a public place.”

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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