RHOBH regrets and unnecessary Erica comments on Sutton Strike

Sorry for the Sutton Strike in RHOBH Season 11, what he said to Erica was not shown, and the moment he almost quit, plus dating a dangerous champ.

Sutton streak There has been a great deal of regret since the filming of its 11th season The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

While discussing his experience on the show Potomac’s real housewife Cast member Candias Dillard-Bassett In a recently released Bravo special, Sutton shared him Garcel Beauvais– Regret before sharing a controversial statement Erica Jane Which was not aired on the show – and almost admits to giving up the series.

“I hope that, to be honest, I was a little more stuck for Garsell last year – not because he needed to, but if I could show my friendship better,” Sutton revealed. Housewife to housewife.

For what he told Erica, Sutton said that while Del Mar was on a cast trip, he told Erica, “I’m not afraid of you.”

“And I hope it has been shown,” he noted.

While bonding about their childhood in Georgia, Sutton said that despite their relationship in the South, he did not see himself joining. RHOP. After all, the weather will not suit her.

“I do not like cold. I can’t stay in that ice, “she told Candias.

Since he lives in warm Los Angeles, where he owns a boutique in West Hollywood, Sutton admits he has made some big purchases, including his most recent splurge: a lemon ring.

“It was in Miami … it’s a diamond and I think it’s emerald. It’s one of those purchases that hit,” he laughed.

When Sutton was asked if he was considering relinquishing his right to vote, Sutton said RHOBH “Harder than human perception.”

“I think outsiders think we party after clothes and it’s easy but that’s not it,” he explained.

According to Sutton, he remembers a certain incident in season 11 where he almost severed ties with Bravo.

“After that dinner, when Erica laughed at me, I excused myself from the table because I thought, ‘[I’m] Do it with those who do it. ‘ And I left and I was, really, like, ‘I don’t think it’s the right fit,’ “he shared.[But then] I was, ‘No. I will stay because I will not be chased and they will give me whatever they want. ‘

Also turned on Housewife to housewifeSutton told Candias that he was going to meet a man he met on the dating app Bumble.

“I like this guy … he’s beautiful. She has two earrings, which is fine. [And] He was one Danger Champion, ”he revealed.

As a fan of it RHOBH Remember, Sutton shocked her on Valentine’s Day last year before dating her ex-boyfriend Michael for three years, for which she later apologized.

“She is OK. He said, ‘I should never have done that to you. I should never have left you like this. And I’m sorry. ‘ It wasn’t pretty, “Sutton said.” He gave me a litany of reasons. I had my boots. I was in a bad place. He’s not one. I told him, I go, ‘Michael, you know I’m kind of a catch.’ I’m a pretty girl. “

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