RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais about her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump

Garcel Beauvais talks about her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, as well as how the RHOBH cast reacted.

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Even if gone The real housewife of Beverly Hills In a bitter noteLisa Vanderpump The lucky friendship he has forged with the present still has a relationship with his former friends RHOBH Star Garcel Beauvais.

Talking to Bravo Daily dishGarsel revealed that Lisa had met on behalf of Haiti at an event where Garsel was present in October last year.

“He was actually holding an event for Haiti in Tomtom, so I was able to meet him,” said Garsell, a local Haitian resident. “Haitian music was playing. There were more Haitians than I knew that night in California. So, I fell in love with what he was doing. “

Garcel explained that the two almost immediately stopped it and started chatting and after revealing that his eldest son, Oliver SaundersLiving in Las Vegas, Lisa offered Oliver a job at her new restaurant in Vegas, and the rest is history.

Even earlier this year, the two joined together at the restaurant, Vanderpump, in Paris.

Garcel explained that the two have been friends since then, but have nothing to do with their connection RHOBH.

“We don’t even talk Housewife“She’s not on the show. What’s there to talk about?”

Fans will remember, Lisa’s exit from the franchise was all due to the “Sinner Gate” scandal. Dorit Kemsley Leaving the puppy, Lucy Lucy leaves the show on apple juice (which she got from Lisa’s rescue agency) after the puppy bit her family, leaving Lisa on the show in bad condition with almost everyone. Especially ex best friends, Kyle Richards Who said he couldn’t confirm or deny that Lisa had leaked the “sinful gate” story in the tabloids. (Anyone with the iconic and viral “Good-bye Kyle!”)

In the past, Lisa has said that she would only be willing to return to the show if the cast-related production “cleans the house”.

So, how did the current cast react to Lisa and Garcel’s friendship?

Garsell Teased viewers will see some of those reactions this season RHOBH.

“They have their say,” he said politely.

Beverly’s real housewife Mountains Broadcast Wednesday night at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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