RHONJ Cast Films Season 13 event with Tracy and Jackie

Photo: RHONJ Cast Films joins Tracy and Jackie newcomers for the first group event season 13, see photos of the 80's themed roller skating rink outing

The real housewife of New Jersey The cast reunited on Wednesday to film their first group outing for the upcoming 13th season And, despite the rumors, both Tracy Lynn JohnsonWho was believed to have been released after season 12, and Jackie GoldsnyderThose who were degraded were present.

In the photos and videos shared on social media, Tracy and Jackie joined Teresa Judis, Melissa Gorga, The pain of Catania, Margaret Josephus, Jennifer AidenAnd there are rumors that a few more women have joined the cast for the new episodes of the series.

“Filming the first group event for Season 13! New housewife [Danielle Cabral] Tracy was present! The Real housewife zone Announced on Instagram, including a photo collage featuring Tracy’s husband, Tiki BarberTeresa’s fiance, Luis Ruelas, Frank CataniaAnd Frank’s girlfriend, Brittany, in a roller skating rink in an 80’s themed outfit.

As mentioned by another post from Real housewife franchise, Daniel was not the only rumored newcomer to be included in the event, which was filmed at the roller skating rink. Instead, Rachel Fuda Was also present.

Below are some more pictures shared Real housewife franchise.

Margaret Josephus and Dolores Catania in Rollers Skating Rink Film RHONJ Season 13 RHONJ Cast Films roller skating event for season 13

Teresa and her future husband, Lewis, held hands while skating.

Teresa Goodis Rollersky with Lewis for RHONJ Season 13

On her Instagram page, Melissa showed off her 80s look while posing with her husband. Joe Garga.

Meanwhile, she posed with her husband on Jennifer’s Instagram story Bill Aydin And showed her foot cast after breaking her toes while celebrating Teresa’s recent 50th birthday in Mexico.

RHONJ Jennifer Aiden and husband Bill join 80's themed roller party

In a shared video Bravo and cocktails On Instagram, Frank and his girlfriend were seen skating behind Jennifer and Margaret, who were filming a scene with Bill.

Frank Catania's girlfriend Brittany Films RHONJ Season 13

The real housewife of New Jersey Season 13 is expected to begin airing in Bravo later this year.

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