RHONJ Luis Ruelas is accused of “pushing” his ex-wife to a metal pole

RHONJ star Luis Ruelas spoke "Push" Disclosure of ex-wife, police report and details of other alleged incidents on metal poles during the argument

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Luis Ruelas Back to the title for all the wrong reasons.

Although its 12th session The real housewife of New JerseyWhich cites a number of past allegations against Lewis, including claims of domestic violence, which ended with a three-part reconciliation earlier this month, the negative press found. Teresa JudisIts engaged again.

Following the allegations against Lewis, which suggested that he had abused his former partners, a police report obtained by Page Six revealed that Lewis had pushed his ex-wife. Marissa DiMartino On a metal pole in Orangetown, New York, they once shared a verbal altercation with their two sons in 2012.

“[DiMartino] The two reportedly started arguing over money after her estranged husband left the children, “said a report filed a day after the alleged confrontation. “It simply came to our notice then [Ruelas] Pushing [DiMartino] A metal support pole in the garage. “

“The action took place in the presence of the couple’s son. [DiMartino] He refused medical care and was adamant that he did not want to sign a charge, “the report continued.

Because Marisa Lewis did not want to be accused of her alleged aggression, she was never arrested. However, as Page Six shared, the police report was not only made in their marriage, which ended in 2010. The outlet explained that Marissa had also reported a “verbal dispute” between him and Lewis, but that no arrests had been made.

“[DiMartino] He said that there was a verbal dispute with him [Ruelas], Her husband, ”the report reads. “[DiMartino] They are going through a divorce and [Ruelas] Come home and quarrel with him. [DiMartino] Leave the house. “

A third police report, filed against Lewis, alleges he called Marissa’s name in front of their children during a June 2016 custody transfer.

“My ex-husband has come to pick up my son [at] About 6:00 he wanted to talk and I didn’t want to come [the] Doors, ”Marisa claims in the report. “She is OK [sic] Rings and bangs [the] Until the door opens to scare my other son, [redacted]Upstairs. “

“During the drop-off, he uttered the name in front of both children when he started the journey with the second son who claims he wants to be with him,” he added.

Marissa also mentioned in the report that Lewis was insulted. And when asked if he ever “threatened to kill.” [her] Or [their] Children, “or” if the frequency or intensity of physical violence increases over the years, “Marissa ticked a box marked” Yes “for both.

He even chose “yes” when asked if Lewis had ever been “violent and constantly jealous” of him, but he denied that he had ever “suffocated or suffocated” or “beaten” him. [her] When [she] Was pregnant. “

Although Lewis did not directly address these latest claims, an insider made a statement on page six.

“Despite going through a divorce several years ago, Louis and Marissa are in a very good place and both are very actively involved with each other to co-parent their two sons,” the statement said. “Marisa met Teresa, for example [Joe Giudice] Meet Louis. Everyone agrees. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

As RHONJ Fans may know, Lewis’s ex-fianc, Vanessa Ridge, Filed a lawsuit against him after their 2020 divorce (which was eventually settled on unknown terms), claiming he was angry at not being given enough sex. And another ex, Paula Sচেnchez, who dated Lewis from 2011 to 2018, alleged that she felt pressured to have sex with Lewis more than once a day, which Lewis denied. RHONJ Reunion

“I can’t have sex four times a day,” he noted

Also at the reunion, Lewis said he never “hit” Marissa.

“If I’m the only guy in America who basically argues with his wife and she basically walks up and calls the police, that’s the amount,” he said.

The real housewife of New Jersey The 13th season is currently in production.

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