RHONJ’s Frank Catania’s girlfriend Brittany has made her debut

Photo: RHONJ's Frank Catania Girlfriend Brittany debuts on WWHL as Dolores' boyfriend Paul Buzz reacts to lightweight comparisons

Frank Catania Appeared in Tuesday’s episode Watch Live What HappensAnd his girlfriend was in the audience during the taping, Britney Matsic.

As he chats about the 12th season The real housewife of New Jersey After the dramatic three-part reunion special broadcast with the show’s husband, Brittany was seen sitting next to Jennifer Aiden As Andy Cohen Gave her a special shout.

“Wow, Frank brought his girlfriend tonight. Very exciting, Frank Catania, “Andy noted in a report by Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

“You know it’s serious then,” Frank replied.

In one photo, Frank is seen posing with Brittany at the Bravo Clubhouse.

    RHONJ Frank Catania, Brittany Matsic

RHONJ star Frank Catania poses with girlfriend Brittany Matsic. Credit: Charles Sykes / Bravo

Photos of Brittany were also shared among the audience, including the one seen below.

Attendance time Side piece In a podcast earlier this year, Frank said that Brittany, whose name he did not name at the time, did not have “thick skin” and was not worried about fame. RHONJ The potential could bring his way.

“Limelight is certainly not primary to him,” he said. “[But she] Gets along great [with Dolores Catania]”

He added: “She was never released [the show]. And we took a little break, we took a break and we came back together. Who else knows? Maybe this year, next season we will film, he may appear. “

In other news, Frank’s ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Paul ConnellCompared to him, he took to his Instagram story on Wednesday to share his thoughts about Frank The story of the doll Character Buzz Lightyear.

“Hey Frank, don’t be afraid, Buzz Connell is here,” Paul captioned his post with a thumbs up emoji.

RHONJ Paul Connell responded to the Buzz Lightyear comparison

Paul then responded to a DM on Instagram from a fan who asked, “What will Paulie do? [you] Think about what Frank said about you at the reunion ?! ”

“I was sad !! TBH,” he replied. “Now everyone knows I’m a real superhero.”

Although many have taken the comparison of Frank to Paul as a distraction, Frank has confirmed that he does not hate Paul’s appearance. WWHL.

“Paulie is a good looking guy,” he said.

Filming in progress The real housewife of New Jersey Season 13 is expected to begin later this month.

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