RHONJ’s Teresa Guidos offers updates on daughter Gabriella.

RHONJ's Teresa Guidis offers rare updates on Gabriella's most private daughter

The real housewife of New Jersey Star Teresa Judis Giving fans a rare update about her second eldest daughter, Gabriella Judis.

Gabriella, 17, was deliberately shy to the camera during her family’s rule. RHONJUnlike his older sister, Zia is the judgeWho took a big role in the last season of the show

Speaking to Bravo’s Daily Dish while attending an NBCU Universal Upfront event, Teresa explained that Gabriella’s mentality is about graduating from high school in 2023 and enrolling in college, and she called Gabriella her “intelligent kid.” (I hope his other three daughters are not offended.)

“We need to start looking at colleges,” Teresa told the outlet. “At first, he wanted to be a CIA agent, and then he saw how much money they made and now he’s changed his mind. So, for example, I can’t wait to see what college he goes to, because he’s my smartest kid. I can’t wait to see him start college and see where he ends up. “

“She does amazing things at school,” Teresa continued. “She is OK. [I] I always get letters from all the teachers about how amazing he is. “

Par Heavy, in 2019, called Teresa Gabriella a “honorary student” and “super smart” on page six.

Teresa also told the outlet that she is confident Gabriella “can go to any school she wants.”

It is refreshing to see Gabriella not “following” her mind in the right headspace about her future, and it is good that she is supported by both her parents, who respect her.

Gabriella has been the least featured on Teresa’s social media, with Gabriella’s latest picture showing for her sweet 16 party in October 2020. Gabriella does not appear to have her own public Instagram account.

For his siblings? Gia is the most prominent presence on the platform, followed by the middle sister Milania, Those are often on TikTok. Even the smallest, AdrianaWhen Teresa is ready to post, she is always ready for a photo or video

You keep doing it, Gabriella. Social media is not everything.

The real housewife of New Jersey Currently on break, but filming for the new season has already started

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