RHONY Alum Elyse Slaine has filed for divorce from her husband

RHONY Alum Elyse Slaine Husband Reinhold files for divorce from Gilbert after 3 years of marriage

Credit: Jared Siskin / PMC

Ex The real housewife in New York City Elam’s “friend” Alice Sline Has filed for divorce from her husband of about four years, Dr. Reinhold Gilbert.

RHONY Fans will remember Alice as a friend from Season 12 Ramona singerOf course, I use that word very loosely. Ramona did not even speak to Alice in the season finale when the two fell apart at the end of the opening and only season of Alice. As a result, Alice physically tries to stop Ramona from leaving Leah McSweeneyMob married at the 15th anniversary party so they can hash things ৷ Ramona left anyway, calling Alice “not a girl.” Equivalence for the course.

But I broke up, and in a statement on page six, Ellis said, “Reinhold and I are deeply caring and close friends to each other, which would be a very friendly divorce.” No other details were given about the cause of the divorce.

Alice and Reinhold remarried in 2018, but Reinhold has not appeared on Alice’s social media since 2020 when she posted a deleted anniversary that read, “Happy 2”nd Anniversary of my best friend, my love, and the man who taught me to count every day!

So, it seems that there was unrest in their marriage for some time before the announcement of this divorce.

Although Elyse was prominent RHONYHer marriage or Reinhold never appeared.

Since Ellis’ season, the New York franchise has been in turmoil with racist claims and low ratings as fans have turned the show upside down.

Bravo and Andy Cohen It was announced earlier this year that the show would split into two seasons. One will have a completely new cast and one will feature legacy cast members

No casting for the show has been announced yet.

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