Rihanna and Rocky ASAP: Astrology of their baby birth chart

This year, Friday the 13th was certainly not an unfortunate day. And if you’re thinking about Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky’s baby astrology, you already know that this day they welcomed their little bundle of joy! Since this baby was born in the middle of Mercury’s retreat (and is likely to be delayed during this time), it’s no surprise that we * still * don’t know their baby’s name. And if you wait breathlessly to find out, you may want to wait until June 3, when Mercury stations are indicated.

Contrary to popular belief, being born on Friday the 13th means a person is lucky for life, as it is considered a good time by many astrologers (including me). Therefore, the first thing to note is that their child will always have a lot of good luck and success in the years ahead. Even if the son of these hip-hop moguls experiences ominous moments, there is a strong possibility that they will not be a complete disaster. After all, the universe is behind him!

As I am an astrologer, it is my enthusiastic duty to look at the specific aspects of Riri and A $ AP’s baby birth chart (with the information we still know):


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Born on May 13, 2022, just two days before the total solar eclipse, he was the Sun of Taurus and the Moon of Tula. Being a Sun sign in Taurus means he will probably be creative, artistic, kind and humble. With the crescent moon, this child’s emotions will be balanced, because he will be the one who will give a lot of love to his caregivers. And because of the moon being associated with the mother, a cotton zodiac moon is understood, as it is considered one of the most beautiful zodiac of all of them (and Rihanna literally runs one of the largest makeup companies in the world). Venus is the ruler of both the Sun and the Moon, and according to the birth list of their son, Venus is in Aries. This indicates that he will be incredibly strong; Anyone is determined to succeed and is willing to fight for what they believe in. All the Venetian power on his birth list will help him become a great artist and inventor. And between you and me he might even surpass his parents!

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky’s baby is a Taurus Sun and a Cotton Moon, which means Venus is very present in her birth list.

With all the Venus power on her birth list, being born on Friday (which is ruled by the week) is a great way for her to fully lean towards beauty and radiance that she will bring to the world around her and her family. . Generosity and love will always be around him (and given to others by him).

In his birth list, the Sun of Taurus is aligned with Uranus, a planet known for its personality and innovation. Also, the sun is galvanizing Destiny’s northern node, which will boost his confidence and lead him to epic success. All these cosmic connections depict a person who has their own imaginary self; Someone who does not want to be defined by the values ​​of society, their true, most authentic self is always seen. Saturn’s tight connection with these planets reveals a person who has always wanted to work hard and become a larger version of himself.

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Mercury’s retreat is the only factor on its birth chart that can be seen as a somewhat negative force. But, as a professional astrologer, I like to look back on the birth list of prenatal births, as they often help locals become more intuitive and emotionally strong. Mercury is the planet of communication, and since Mercury is reversed in its chart, it can see things from completely different angles. Yes, he will understand the world differently than most of us, but there is a beauty in it. If he can resist the temptation to jump to conclusions before getting all the information, he will be able to perceive the universe at a higher level.

In her birth list, Mars and Neptune are closely linked to Pisces, highlighting the desire for a creative outlet. This kid is * definitely * going to improve in the art or design industry. The primary way he is going to express his inner passion is through art. Words can be a struggle for him with this energy, especially with Mercury’s retrograde position, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to see and feel things on a deeper level. Indeed, he can become a creative genius.

Overall, the first birth chart of Rihanna and A পি AP Rocky shows someone who will have a highly artistic life, leave their mark on the world in a beautiful way and define themselves through their own position. This baby is going to affect the world in one way or another — we just have to wait and see how!

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