Rina replies that Kelly Dodd advised Harry Hamlin to be gay

After RHOBH star Lisa Rina clapped for Kelly Dodd and suggested expelling RHOC star Harry Hamlin as Gay Next

Kelly Dodd Has left a very controversial comment in an Instagram post about Todd CrisleyIts the latest scandal.

After reading that Crisley knows best The star was accused of being gay by a former business partner, The The real housewife of Orange County alum suggested Harry HamlinHer husband The real housewife of Beverly Hills Star Lisa BrestStay tuned to get the call.

In a screenshot shared All about the real housewife On Instagram, a headline read, “Former business partner of Todd Crisley: We had a gay relationship, and paid a black mailer.” And in the comments section of the post, Harry noticed Kelly Lisa and Harry’s marriage with the advice to hide his true sexuality.

“Harry Hamlin Next,” Ex RHOC The star wrote, with a laugh-cry emoji.

RHOC Kelly Dodd advised Harry Hamlin to be gay

Then, a few hours later, in an Instagram post of his own, which RHOBH As the star shared in her story, Lisa clapped at Kelly’s suggestion that he was Harry’s beard.

In Lisa’s post, she is seen in a five-season scene where she sits at a dinner table in front of Amsterdam. Kim RichardsWho suggested that he hide a deep, dark secret in the house.

“Good morning to just Kelly Dodd and Kelly Dodd,” Lisa wrote in the caption of her photo, with smile-cry emoji and beard editing on her face.

RHOBH Lisa Rina responds to Kelly Dodd's suggestion that husband Harry Hamlin is gay

Although Kelly may believe that Harry is not her real self, she went on to talk about their sex life before their recent 25th anniversary. Interview Magazine

“Our 25th anniversary is coming up in March,” Harry said Andy CohenWho was interviewing him for publication.

“And sex is still great?” Andy asked.

“Of course, Andy! We’re still married,” shared Harry, 23 Delilah Bele Hamlin And 20 years old Amelia Gray Hamlin With Lisa, answer.

Continuing, Harry said that he and Lisa were able to keep things spicy in the bedroom because of his “lack of ED.” [erectile dysfunction]Making sure he doesn’t take a “special pill” and only “Harry Hamlin”.

A few months ago, after Lisa read an online report, Harry joked about the ongoing rumors suggesting he was gay, asking why his wife’s alleged cheating was not mentioned. RHOBH.

“She’s too busy living with her gay boyfriend in the Valley while cheating with Trish in Canada,” she writes.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 is currently airing on Bravo on Wednesday 8 / 7c. Meanwhile, a new season The real housewife of Orange County It is expected to go into production later this year.

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