Ron Descentis is working to ban doctors from providing transgender minors

Florida Govt. Ron Descentis Trying to ban doctors from providing transitional care and therapy to minors.

On Thursday, DeSantis submitted a request to the state medical board to bar doctors from assisting doctors with transition-related medical procedures and therapies, possibly including hormone therapy, puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery.

The state of Florida is divided on the issue, with some agencies questioning how safe hormone therapy and other medical procedures related to gender reassignment care are. He also wants to block Medicaid payments used for transition care, NBC News reports.

“Although some professional bodies, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society, recommend these treatments for ‘gender reassurance’ care, the scientific evidence supporting these complex medical interventions is extremely weak,” said Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladipo. Led the push for dissent and wrote the letter.

On the other hand, some say that this prohibition goes against the rights of parents’ children.

Gary Howell, a psychologist who works with transgender youth and adult patients in Florida, told NBC News that it is unconstitutional for the government to take action and deprive young people – and especially trans youth – of the medical care they need. .

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