Russell Simmons rants about the young thugs and the injustice being done to them

Russell Simmons talks about the court using rap lyrics as evidence in the Young Thug and Gunnar Rico case.

On Friday, Ras Young went live on Instagram to share his thoughts on the thug and Gunnar case. In his 11-minute rant, he compares the Caucasian experience in Russian entertainment to that of thugs and goons.

He explained how Run DMC did not differentiate itself from their rugged-desert friends after gaining fame. Instead, Ross says DMC brought their friends with them to join the music industry.

“We pulled some people out of the hood who were in a very scary situation and brought them into the music business. Their families are doing very well today, and they are doing well. Their lives were improved, and their lives were saved by the Run DMC, ”Ross said.

What is being done to rappers is racist because it is not done to Caucasian entertainers.

“Just like you snatched Robert Dinero because he was hanging out with a gangster or Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra played the role of a gangster and Robert Dinero played many gangsters. What are you going to do Lock him up because he’s grown up with people. “

“The kid has grown up in the block and has become a friend of the crowd on TV. They are not in jail like the young thugs. What they are doing to rapists in racism is ridiculous. You didn’t do that with Dinero. You didn’t do it with all the people in Sopranos, you didn’t do it, Frank Sinatra, “he continued.

He ended his video with a message to stop accepting the injustice being done to the black community.

“I think our community should stop working because they accept it. We continue to act in such a way that we receive so much hearing. It’s incredible. “

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