Ryan, daughter of DL Hooghly, has a message for Monique

The conflict between DL Hughley and Mo’Nique is not over … at least, if the ex-girlfriend has anything to say about it.

DL Hughley and Mo'Nique

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Hughley’s eldest daughter, Ryan Nicole Shepard, went on social media this week to send a message to Mo’Nique about her and her “poisonous face.” Although DL and Mo’Nique have made multiple, perhaps-damaging, statements about each other throughout their recent backlash, the specific remark that Shepard is upset about is that the comedian is disrespecting his mother and his younger sister.

Here’s why he’s crazy

During his staging about Hughely, Mo’Nique said, “How can DL’s wife suck a coward’s d ** k?”

After that, he took the actress to Instagram to post a clip of DL talking about her daughter being sexually harassed by an acquaintance and how she liked the man.

“It highlights why black women are not trusted when they talk about their trauma in public,” Monique wrote in her caption. “The black woman and her (DL’s) black wives are coming. See who is standing with this man and you are looking at the same man who will be sitting while you are attacking our sisters. “

In response, Ryan went on social media to issue a statement of his own, asking Monique to keep the women of his family away from it.

“You now openly disrespect my mother – whom I love and care for – and my baby sister – whom I love and care so much for getting my father back – whom I love, respect and care for,” Shepard wrote. “Of all the things you could legally say about my dad, if you want to take that path, you have deliberately chosen to be bad and hurtful towards two black women who have another relationship with this conversation. “

She continued, “Using my mother and my sister to show people my father’s character shows how much less emotional stability, dignity, morality and respect there is for other black women, not just for yourself. You are obviously two crayons smaller than the whole box. You are disgusting and the names of every member of my family should be kept away from your poisonous mouth. “

At the end of his caption, he extended an invitation, writing, “Oh, and if you would like to have this conversation in person, I will be happy to give you my address.”

Monique’s reaction

Whether serious about the invitation or not, Mo’Nique wants Ryan to take it, re-post his long IG caption and write a message of his own.

“Hey young sister thank you for inviting me to a discussion. We want to take you into it. Because it can be very healing for our community, ”the comedian wrote. “@realdlhughley has set a time for you, and your family and my husband and I to come to her show and we’ll go from there. I love us 4REAL❤️.”

Aaand again, the story goes on …

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