Salvation Army responds to ‘really destroyed’ sneakers destroyed by Balenciaga

BalenciagaA high fashion effort has resulted in further controversy.

Beating “complete destruction” Paris sneakers Which went viral earlier this month Dutch Salvation Army Which responded to his “really ruined” campaign with shoes that people on the street wore for months (in some cases years).

Balenciaga’s Limit-Edition Full-Destroyed Paris Sneakers, priced at $ 1,850 hits very close to home for those who actually know what it’s like to wear worn-out shoes.

“The fashion world is all about what clothes and shoes look like. The creativity and diversity that comes with it can be amazing, such as high fashion, or Balenciaga,” said Thamer Keuning, Salvation Army’s marketing and communications officer.

“However, for most of us who deal with it, what clothing means sometimes conflicts with it and it works perfectly. In contrast to the high-fashion products of this fashion industry, the destroyed shoes of a homeless person literally and symbolically reflect the inequality of the world. “

“If anything, we’re grateful they’ve decided to bring limited edition sneakers that have been described as ‘completely destroyed,’ because that’s what gave us the idea: to sell used sneakers worn by people living on the streets. They have not been treated for the devastation, but they have been devastated by the difficult life situation. “

Only 100 pairs of Limit-Edition Full-Destroyed Paris Sneakers went on sale.

This is not the first time that a high-end brand has been the subject of controversy.

In 2021, Balenciaga was accused of a culture of hanging sweat pants with plywood boxers. Black historians consider the Jagars to be racist.

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