Sandal Trends 2022: These 4 styles will be everywhere this summer

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It’s time to schedule a recurring pedicure because the top summer sandals trend for 2022 is finally set. My top choice of summer shoe situation is to stay barefoot on the beach, but in all other situations, this sandal style comes very close.

Shoes are usually divided into three categories: sneakers, boots and sandals. The first two, sneakers and boots, always look great but they usually follow the same general structural design. Sandals, however, come in so many options that it’s hard to believe that each pair still fits the sandal section. This summer, there seems to be more sandal choice than ever before but the biggest trends seem to fall into two groups: Y2K-inspired and sporty silhouettes. These groups have been trending in clothing throughout the year so it is safe to say that they have also translated into the sandal season.

Among the Y2K-inspired sandals, there are several standout styles — tall platforms, strappy silhouettes and even wedges (yes, wedges) have made a comeback. While you don’t have to be ready for a three-style revival, you will fall in love with at least one.

The other end of the sandal trend is the rise of sports sandals worn for fashion. This is the perfect sandal style to wear with Grunge’s summer outfits like cargo pants (or skirts!) And baggy jeans. Of course, they will look and feel great on a hiking trail. You have plenty of space to cover this summer so now is the time to take the jump start of the biggest summer sandal trend of 2022.

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I’ll be completely honest with you, I thought that was disgusting for sports sandals Years However, my opinion has recently been reversed to a 180 and I am now obsessed with appearance. I’m going to blame my new love for sports sandals for two things. The first is the rise of cargo pants (I keep saying they are summer pants) and the second is the advent of cute sports options in stores.

Nike Icon Classic Sandals

Courtesy of Nike.

Nike Icon Classic Sandals

The more straps, the better. This is evidenced by these classic Nike platform sandals which are sporty and spicy in equal parts. The delicate pink color will add enough color to whatever you are wearing without colliding with your outfit. This type of sandal you can wear from the branch to the grocery store without any problem.

StyleCaster |  Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Ecco.

Yucatan sandals

Once you fully enable Sport Mode, you will never be the same. This white pair of sports sandals with Balenciaga-inspired high fashion sports sunglasses will look great.

StyleCaster |  Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Camper.

Oruga up platform sandals

Would you look at that? Two trends in one! If you prefer sport mode and platform sandals, this pair of camper is for you.

If there’s one Y2K trend that I’m happy with is the strappy sandals (surprisingly, it’s not low-rise jeans). This style reminds me of the golden days Simple life And Lizzie McGuire Which is exactly the kind of energy I’m trying to channel this summer. I like that strappy sandals fit every occasion because they cannot be defined as formal or casual. Get a pair for yourself that you can wear to the office, happy time And All weddings on your calendar.

StyleCaster |  Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Steve Madden.

Leela Chandan

This pair of watermelon green sandals will look even better with toenail polish. This style comes in nine colors so you have some serious opportunities to mix and match.

StyleCaster |  Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Dolls Vita.

Liana Sandals

The straps and flats go hand in hand (or maybe the feet?) This slim sandal with thong-style toe loop is super beachy.

Sometimes you need a little boost and platform sandals are here to do just that. Platform sandals are another Y2K trend that I’m not crazy about because that’s right So Fun! The superior style will bring a fashion twist to your summer outfit so all you have to worry about is not twisting your ankles.

StyleCaster |  Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of BP.

Lolly jelly platform sandals

This pair of jelly sandals will make your poly pocket fashion dream come true.

StyleCaster |  Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell.

Moody platform sandals

That Jeffrey Campbell is my go for unique shoes Super Comfortable. This pair of Gingham Green platform heels is very long but the thick toe platform will almost make it look like you are wearing flats.

There is going to be controversy around any sandal trend, it will wedge heels. Slowly but surely, wedges have been creeping back into fashion. Although I never dreamed of pairing wedges with skinny jeans again, I think knitted wedge heels look great with a summer dress or a linen suit in the air. This style is another great alternative to classic heels for events where lots of standing and dancing will be involved.

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