Saturn Retrograde 2022: Accelerate Action

You’ve just survived the Mercury retreat, but still don’t throw a party! After all, Saturn Retrograde 2022 starts at 4:45 pm ET on June 4 and ends on October 23, marking a big change in Cosmos. In astrology, Saturn is the lord of structure, discipline, authority and karma, which makes it one of the most terrifying planets in all astrology. However, before you start cursing Saturn and going into the abyss of anxiety, have you ever thought that this four-and-a-half month retreat could actually be that good thing?

That’s right- Saturn doesn’t have a reputation for being so soft and opaque. Of course, the terror often used to describe the “return of Saturn” certainly does not help. For those of you who are waiting for this lucky event, which usually occurs between the ages of 27 to 30, 58 and 61 or 84 and 90, the thought of anything related to Saturn may shake in your boots. Most astrologers believe that your first Saturn return marks your entry into youth. Saturn’s return to the same position at the time of your birth brings with it the challenge of trying, testing, and feeling aligned to align yourself more closely with the purpose of your soul.

What does Saturn mean?

In general, Saturn always radiates a steady and calm energy. Saturn is not all fun and play, because Saturn is a strict teacher who wants you to learn the true meaning of responsibility. However, think of a child who grows up without boundaries or constructive criticism — it often becomes a competent and irresponsible adult. But just because Saturn has lessons to teach you doesn’t mean they are easy to learn. In fact, you can spend your life completely resisting the effects of Saturn. But if you embrace Saturn, this planet will push you to be the most powerful version of yourself, even if it means you have to deal with a little blood, sweat and tears.

If you take the time to combine the lessons that Saturn is trying to teach you, it can be a direct life-changer!

That being said, when Saturn reverses inconsistent directions or stations, as it will from June 4, the days around the shift often give you a break. You are pressured to reflect on where you are in life and whether you are on your way to becoming your highest and purest self. This can happen as an internal shock or from an external situation that forces you to take action.

As the days go by and Saturn continues its movement throughout the zodiac calendar, he will often give you the tools you need to use your unique gifts and accept your destiny. The strategy to deal with Saturn is not to be discouraged by its challenges, but to actually stop and listen to the message that the planet of discipline is trying to send you. And if you take the time to integrate the lessons that Saturn is trying to teach you, it can be a life-changing experience!

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What is Saturn Retrograde?

Speaking of life-changing, Saturn will retreat and believe it or not, it won’t be so bad. Don’t try to judge the situation because of your experience of a hard Mercury retrograde. Outer planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus actually spend about half of each single year backwards, which means this energy is something you have experienced many times. Many astrologers believe this because they all carry big lessons in our lives that take a long time to understand in your true sense.

When one of these far-flung beauties tracks backwards, it gives you a chance to double the lesson of a great life. This is why it is so important to be aware of what comes to you on the day when Saturn stations fall behind! For Saturn, the lessons he likes to push are usually personal responsibilities, responsibilities, overcoming fears and making your dreams come true, real and strong. If you embrace Saturn as a skilled teacher, you may begin to see Saturn as an ally rather than an enemy. After all, Saturn’s retreat is about accelerating the process of action, so let the chips read wherever they can.

Since Saturn 4th June will be in 25 degree Aquarius and finally, 23rd October will be directly in 18 degree Aquarius, this background will focus on your social circle, your public interest goals and your vision for the future. Take time to think about the sign you are leaving on the earth, because Aquarius is a good place for all the citizens of the world. If you make it a point to take part in a team effort at this retrospective time, you will feel * extremely * proud of Saturn!

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