Scarface Blast to Senator Ted Cruz to attend NRA Annual Convention Days

Houston rapper Scarface Rob called on Senator Ted Cruz to attend the NRA convention after the elementary genocide.

Cruz and Donald Trump spoke at an NRA convention in Houston a few days after the deadly shooting at Rob Elementary in Texas. Unexpected tragedy claims the lives of 19 children through gun violence.

However, on the morning of the convention, Scarface shared his views on the senator who attended the annual event.

People Ted Cruz There is no sympathy for anything or anyone, “he tweeted. “You landed at a time when you needed your ingredients the most. You flew to Cancun in the fridge. You let a man insult your wife, your father, he insulted you in hell, and now you are a trumpet that you dare to show at the NRA Convention. “

Scarface reiterated Cruz’s refusal to attend the convention, and mentioned how he would separate his rifle if necessary.

“Imagine the horror that those 4th graders A ড ted Cruz faced,” he continued. “Families are dealing with that pain now. This is a bad time to attend an NRA convention. Btw I have a 4th grade student, and I also have an assault rifle I would like to take part in with my weapon, but not my 4th grade student. “

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos attacked an elementary school and killed 19 children and two adults. Romas was shot dead by law enforcement at the scene. He was a student at Uvalde High School and lived in a small town 80 miles west of San Antonio.

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