Scorpio Horoscope June 2022: Interesting Feelings

Your relationship has endured a lot of shocks, but they are going to endure more (though, in a better way). Your Scorpio June 2022 horoscope begins with a major planetary change when Mercury’s retrospective June 3 ends. As Mercury points to the seventh house of your partnership, you finally understand where your relationship is heading. You can even argue with someone to take a break or say goodbye to the ex you had a temporary relationship with!

However, once you join forces with Uranus in your partnership sector on Friday 11th June, a relationship can suddenly go in a completely different direction! You may even find yourself attracted to someone who is not usually your “type”, asking you to look at your whole perspective of the relationship in a new light. And once you enter your intimate eighth house on Wednesday 13th June, you’ll be interested in having a conversation in the center of true depth. Exclude overly small talk; Ask questions you * really * want answers.

Once a full moon rises on June 14 in Sagittarius, you will change your attitude towards yourself and your needs. What do you need to feel sustainable? Are you managing your money in a way that supports its growth? Separate your needs from yours so that you can not only survive, but improve!

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By June 21st things will really start to fly It is not only when the summer solstice spreads its fire across the universe, but also when the Cancer season sends its magical power to your vast ninth house. Make no mistake you are in the mood for adventure and nothing can stop you from spreading your wings. You may be resistant to change, but it will not stop you from discovering the deep truth. As soon as you enter your sexy and seductive eighth house on Friday 22nd June your romantic interests will move towards something stronger, asking you to follow the flow of your feelings. How else would you know if they’re repaying?

The Sun of Cancer will meet Jupiter on June 28th in your productive sixth house, which will ask you to move away from your normal routine and experiment with new ways to get your work done. Moving things and thinking outside the box can lead to some incredible results! And a new moon in Cancer June 28th reveals something beautiful in the ninth house of your knowledge, you are ending the month with an important perception about life and how it should be lived.

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