Scorpio Horoscope Summer 2022: Attention

Get excited, because your Scorpio summer 2022 horoscope will be a journey to remember. Summer solstice occurs on June 21st, also when the Sun enters Cancer, which changes your internal compass as you experience new things! And although this transfer may revolve very well around your academic studies, or just an external vacation abroad, the transfer of Venus to the eighth house of your intimacy on June 22 may force you to feel someone far away from you.

Still, the June 28 Cancer New Moon will offer you a chance to start all over again, but it will probably give you a leap of faith in the process. Once revolving around July, Mars – your ruling planet – will enter Taurus and spice things up in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, as it can also revolve around a professional partnership. Speaking of which, Mercury will bring clarity and speed to your world when it enters the companion water sign Cancer on 5th July, allowing you to see from another angle. By the full moon in Capricorn on July 13, there can be a significant conversation, which allows you to straighten the record. Make no mistake — you are being called upon for your personal and professional stability and for communicating clearly. Consider it an opportunity to take a chance and in the name of self-esteem as well as love.

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When the Sun makes its gorgeous debut in Leo on July 22nd, themes surrounding your fame, public personality and sense of authority will suddenly be at the top of your mind. That said, a bright new moon will be seen in Leo on July 28th, which can be as exciting as it gets, so be sure to expect the unexpected! Jupiter will also be reversed on the same day, so this transfer gives you the opportunity to reflect on everything from your daily routine to the emotion behind your daily life. How can you do your best without losing sight of your well-being? It won’t hurt to work on your self-care method, especially with Venus activating the most universal area of ​​your chart. Whether you like it or not, the spotlight is yours this season, so make sure you’re shining!

As August approaches, Mars will begin to cast its east-rear shadow through your obsessive VIII house, so be careful about your activities, conversations, and emotional exchanges, such as those surrounding your integration and shared resources. Mercury will also go back to September 9, which will make the Virgo season a more chaotic experience than usual. But the full moon in Pisces on September 10 can fulfill a secret wish. Keep your hopes high!

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