See Richard Mill accusing jewelers of stealing $ 250K against Lil Mitch

‘BMF’ star Lil Mitch Wednesday’s headline came when it was revealed that he had been arrested in Miami in March on two counts of first-degree grand theft and separate counts of organized fraud. The actor is accused of stealing Richard Mill’s watch for $ 250,000.

TMZ reported that in February, Lil Mitch, who played his father Big Mitch in the Starz series, kept his $ 80,000 Platinum Rolex watch at Miami’s Haimow Jewelers to pay for the new timepiece. Jewelers claimed that Mitch failed to pay the remaining $ 200,000 balance and did not return the watch. He was later arrested and charged March 14.

Authorities further allege that the actor was trying to trade timepieces for another Richard Mill watch at a different store.

On Wednesday, Haimov Jewelers released a statement about the incident via their Instagram stories.

“Haimov Jewelers is a family business. You cannot trade watches for which other jewelers have not been paid. And take the watch to the next jeweler and don’t pay them either. We all work hard for our money and do clean business. We’ve been there many times, many times but you have ignored [us]. If someone owes you $ 200K, would you let that slide go? We gave our blood, sweat and tears to make this business a success. We came from [bottom]”

Records show that Mitch was released on bond on the day of his arrest.

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