Selina Powell has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for violating exam conditions

Influential and professional superstar side chic Selina Powell Has been punished Two years in prison.

Powell was initially arrested in 2015 for being the driver of a theft ring. He was sentenced to probation, which he habitually violated. Prosecutors say the IG model failed to comply with court-prescribed drug and alcohol tests on several occasions. He was arrested on May 1 for failing to appear in court.

The 26 years old Entertainment claims to have had sex with some big names Young Thug, Trey Sons, Offset and Fatty Wap. The most famous, he reveals Snoop Dogg Disrespected his wife for their alleged relationship and even on social media. Drake Famously blasted her as “dark and annoying” and even after changing her number she started texting her naked after she got her number. Last year Wallet yo Powell also denied allegations that he slept with his friend later, Thin danger, It hints.

Powell was arrested last March Miami To drive without a license. He apparently escaped easily with that arrest, but a judge is now throwing the book at him. Selina Powell will serve her sentence in Colorado State Prison. However, he does not have to do the whole sentence. Powell is on parole in December, and if a parole board agrees to give him another chance, the viral sensation will be free.

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