Shawn Paul says Beyonc একবার once tested him for spreading dating rumors

Shawn Paul Maintains that he and Beyonc Keep things strictly professional while working “Baby boy,” But rumors of dating did not stop the queen from confronting him.

Talking to Daily Beast On Monday, May 16thThe Reggae star describes in detail how Bay pulled him to one side after them November 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards Rumors of a false relationship with him to verify performance. The 49 years old Admitted that his associates were “furious” and demanded to go below the source of the rumors.

“We go back and talk, and he says, ‘What are all these rumors?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m not saying sha **’ and he’s like ‘this rumor’ about my career. I just want you to know that, “said Paul, referring to the tongue-in-cheek attack. At that point, Jones recently began his iconic solo career. He maintained that rumors were not coming from him, but the singer still soon distanced himself from Paul.

Paul believes that despite the success of “Baby Boy” his management team had something to do with them and never worked together. The “Temperature” star says she never joined Bay, she was open to it.

“If I could!” He joked in an interview before sharing that he got his first chance to work with her when he left. Child of Destiny.

Beyonce has not responded to Paul’s new revelation and probably never will, because we know how personal a Behavior leader can be. Still, Shawn Paul cleans up the gossip and gives props “Lemonade” The star is a beautiful gesture.

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