Sherry Whitfield and Drew Sidora argue with the real housewives of Atlanta

A The real housewife of Atlanta The veterinarian runs a shadow business with a sophisticated housewife who sprinkles some tea at a child’s tea party.

Sherry Whitfield and Drew Sidora face off in Sunday’s episode The real housewife of Atlanta In the rumors started by a loose lip assistant.

Sherry vs. Drew

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During the show, Sherry was alerted to a rumor that she had avoided paying her “former assistant” Anthony, who now assists Drew.

“Guess what Kandi told me, that you [and Drew] There’s the same assistant, and you don’t pay him, “said Marlowe Hampton, a new housewife who heard the information from Drew. “Why doesn’t Kandi call and tell you ?!” Marlowe definitely asked to stir the pot.

Also, an annoyed Sher told the #RHOA camera that Drew might want to be careful …

“Anthony told me a lot about her husband, her family, everything,” Ozzy said. “The road is talking, honey.”

Anthony himself was later seen ditching Drew, accusing him of harassing his “good, good girlfriend” Sherry for money.

“Let me tell you, I love Sherry deeply,” said Anthony as he told a story about working with a housewife via email. “She is one of my good, good girlfriends. We all know, and it’s not a shadow, but he doesn’t like to pay. “

Drew and Sherry clash at Kenya Moore’s daughter’s birthday party

Later, during a tea party for the birthday of 3-year-old Kenyan girl Brooklyn, the women played a messy “tea scattering” game and the Shereé “don’t pay” rumor resurfaced.

“I mean, that’s exactly what I heard. Anthony said he was your assistant, but he had to end the relationship because you never paid him, “said Drew Sherry, adding that he had tried to pull her aside on another occasion to tell him. “I don’t know for sure because I don’t know you.”

“If you don’t know for sure, why are you spreading it?” Annoyed Sher asked Drew. “Didn’t you tell Kandy?” And then Kandi told Marlowe. Can you please tell me what you are talking about? “

“He just said you never paid him …” Drew began.

“Anthony has never been my assistant,” Sherry said. “Why F: I’ll pay someone if they’re not my assistants ?!”

The thrilling moment calls Sherry Drew “DTG B ***” and Sherry’s Friend destiny I’m trying to highlight Anthony’s alleged history of spreading dirty rumors.

“Is this the man who told you her husband is gay?” Asked Fatum. “He’s talking about you [Drew] And says your husband is gay and everything … “

The remark annoyed Drew, who told Fatum not to “portray her husband in that light.” And when it does take a moment, Drew finally processes that Fatum gave him a head start about Anthony’s alleged disorderly behavior.

“I did not hear it, sorry. I didn’t hear Anthony say that, “said Drew. “I have never heard of it [rumor] One day in my life. “

Drew confirmed that Anthony was on probation but said he did not know she was questioning her husband’s sexuality.

As the women rolled up to leave the baby Brooklyn’s birthday party, Sherry and Drew clashed again and shook hands. Sher insisted he didn’t know “her” [Drew] And Drew put his hand over a fellow housewife’s mouth while talking about an upcoming cast trip to New York.

“It’s going to be fun,” Drew said, shaking hands with Sherry when the women asked him to stop.

“Didn’t you hear he got a strong right hook?” Kandi asked.

What a mess — and everything revolves around one person spreading rumors.

What do you think about Drew Vs. Sherry?

Did you expect them to clash this season?

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