Sierra and Kim Kardashian 2022 Sports Illustrated Cover

Sports Illustrated has announced its new cover stars for the 2022 swimsuit issue and this year, the publication celebrates 28 strong women from an inclusive range of backgrounds and body types.

The crew includes Kim Kardashian, Sierra, Mae Mask and Yumi Nu, who were honored for the 59th issue. May 19 at Newsstand With WNBA star Sue Bird, Australian model Ducky Thought and TV personality Kami Crawford.

Some female fans are giving a glimpse of their sexy sports illustrated covers before the May 19 issue hit, including Siara and Kim. On Instagram, the 41-year-old reality TV star made a big announcement to tell fans that she had been waiting for the news to spread since January.

“It was very difficult to keep this cover secret,” wrote the founder of SKIMS, captioning a photo of himself on a tree branch in a neutral colored two-piece bikini on the cover of an upcoming issue.

“For the location, we’re back in the Dominican Republic, one of my favorite places in the world! It’s an honor and a dream to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit version,” Kim added.

Kim Kardashian: Sports Illustrated

Source: Greg Soyles / Sports Illustrated Newsstand May 19

I was stunned to see a snake leather hat and a cheetah print swimsuit on the cover of Siki SI that showed off her perfectly sculpted Darier.

“My dream of being on the cover of @SI_SwimSuit finally came true!” “Step 1,2” hitmaker tells fans on social media.

“I am really proud to be on the cover of such an iconic magazine and to join the elite list of women who have come before me!

Thanks to MJ_Day and the SI team for choosing me as your cover girl. I’m definitely going to be a poplin and be able to jump that thong today! It’s a celebration. “

Sierra: Sports Illustrated

Source: Ben Watts / Sports Illustrated Newsstand May 19

In a statement, Sports Illustrated swimsuit editor MJ Day praised both women for their advances in social justice, music and philanthropy.

“Kim, no stranger to the world’s judgment, lives proudly, honestly and unprepared through the noise,” he said, congratulating the influential on prison reform for his huge splash in the fashion industry, with a promise to fight his inclusive shapewear brand SKIMS.

In addition, Day Sierra pays tribute to the incredible music career and the education and empowerment work she has led through the Ken Not You Foundation with her husband Russell Wilson.

“Sierra has seen a lot of success as a performer while simultaneously focusing on her passion for philanthropy and service,” Day added.

Looks like the women will share a few personal quotes on the upcoming issue. Kim wrote a letter to his little one while Russell wrote a few sweet words about his beautiful wife.

Check out some highlights from the feature below.

Excerpt from “A Letter to My Young Man” by Kim Kardashian for Sports Illustrated

Ignore the criticism and most importantly:

“It’s easy to ignore criticism, but the other thing you will learn is that at some point it will click in your head that it’s not about you anymore. It’s about family. It’s about helping other people. You will find yourself there year after year. You’re about to become more personal and you’ll realize that the way to get your story out there — the real story, the truth — is not by engaging but by doing. “

On not being satisfied

“But you know it. When you come here, until May 2022, you will not be satisfied. You still have that next “it … and when you find it, you’re going to do it আমরা we’re going to do it যেমন as we always do: completely.”

Excerpt from a letter from her husband Russell Wilson to CIARA, Sports Illustrated

Russell in Sierra’s power

“It simply came to our notice then. He inspires people because he connects with them. He tilts the house when he walks into them; It really seems like all the furniture just slides its way. Maybe it’s an interaction with a fan, where they suggest taking a selfie together before asking the fan. Or it could be a more serious situation. I remember our first visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital, when the mother of a sick boy held her for five minutes without letting her go. Siara is this kind of woman – a ray of light.

Russell on Sierra is an SI swimsuit cover model, “Angel” and “Strong Woman”

“You can probably tell, I’m incredibly proud of my wife. And now that she’s on the cover of the SI swimsuit, it’s one more thing for me to be proud of. I know this is something he always wanted. And I know she’ll use visuals that will inspire more people to be on the cover – not just as a mother and beautiful angel and strong woman, but as a businessman, a fashion icon. “

See more at The issue is on the May 19 newsstand.

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