Social Media Draws Kim Kardashian Accused Of Stealing Laurie Harvey’s Skincare

Kim Kardashian Unveils Her New Skin Care Line, Skkn by Kim, Although many are condemning him for tearing up Laurie Harvey’s Brand, which was launched last year.

The Reality Star line will be officially available for purchase June 21st. On Wednesday, he unveiled the first image of nine product lines featuring neutral-colored cylinder-shaped bottles. In the caption, Beauty Mogul claims that she created the brand “from start to finish”, backed by dermatologists and beauticians. However, fans could not help but be confused by the fact that her product name and even the size of the bottles were almost identical to Harvey’s. SKN by LH line.

Harvey’s packaging is a light blue color, and instead of a nine-step routine, LH’s SKN has a five-step arrangement.

This is not the first time Kim has been accused of stealing black women’s ideas and marketing them as his own. Beauty company Skkn + is entering the conversation after opening its story May. Owner, Cindy Lunsford, Kardashian sent a ceasefire and withdrawal letter because he owns the trademark.

While neither Kardashian nor Harvey responded to the similarities, Twitter did, and they had much to say. One user wrote, “One of the things Kardashians do is take it from black women,” while another expressed concern that both Harvey and Kardashian stole names and ideas from Lunsford, in the beginning.

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