Some bad apples; The school prank becomes chaotic when teens trash the whole 300,000

High school student Inside Texas Their senior prank has taken a long way, resulting in thousands of dollars in losses.

Chaos ensues Wednesday At night Frisco Memorial High School While a small group of students carried the annual Senior Prank. Placement of students approved and involved by the original joke school Post-in notes Across campus. Staff members were on site to oversee the event, which was a joyous occasion to celebrate the end of the student’s high school career. Instead, the situation took a turn for the worse when several students started setting fire alarms, spraying fire extinguishers all over the school, damaging furniture and throwing paint on the walls. Employees present tried to bring the situation under control, but at one stage the vandalism continued and they called the police and fire service. Fortunately, no one was injured. No arrests were reported.

Videos posted on social media show the school cafeteria completely littered with white fire extinguishers. According to school administrators, “every surface of the 300,000-square-foot campus must be cleaned.” They further added that students involved in the school demolition would have to pay compensation and possibly face criminal charges.

The damage was so great that the last two days of the school year, Thursday And Friday, Has been canceled. The decision was bitterly sweet for many seniors who were waiting to say goodbye to their favorite teachers before embarking on their postgraduate journey.

“It’s a whole class that’s ruined because of some kids who decided to vandalize the school,” he said. Senior Avi Bandi.

The cleaning staff has arrived Thursday School repairs are expected to begin in a few weeks.

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