Song lyrics and social media posts could be the reason for Young Thug down

Last week, Young thugs He was arrested Atlanta Home after being named in an extensive 56-count gang complaint. Allegedly, 27 other individuals, including the rapper and the Atlanta rapper Gunna, allegedly conspired to violate Georgia’s criminal racketeering laws.

There have been several reports of arrests, but many are wondering what it means for them. Now that the two have been listed as accused, does that mean they are being charged with all 56 counts? Criminal Defense Attorney Caesar Chukuma Gave Baller’s warning Details of the case.

In particular, the 27 accused have been charged with conspiracy to violate the state’s Rackettie Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO. Georgia’s version of federal law was originally designed to combat organized crime. “What the law does is allow the government and prosecutors to prosecute individuals who did not commit the crime themselves but their subordinates committed criminal acts on their behalf,” Chukuma said.

Under the law, prosecutors must prove that defendants committed at least two specific crimes over a 10-year period that were part of a conspiracy plan. If convicted, RICO’s penalties include up to 20 years in prison, a fine, or both.

Attorney Chukuma explains how posting the lyrics of a song is not a crime. However, if a social media post or music lyrics is investigated, and the evidence supports and supports a criminal act, it can be used against you in court.

The government claims that YSL-Young Thug’s Rap Collective and Label, also known as Young Stunner Life, is a criminal group affiliated with the National Bloods Organization. Although there is no significant evidence, some of the alleged crimes of thugs and gunners include lyrics of several songs, and flashing of a YSL gang sign on various social media photos. Chukuma shared, “You have to be aware of what you post on social media. What you say on social media can be used against you. It’s basically like an admission. “

Recently, Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis did not hesitate to use the lyrics as evidence. “The First Amendment does not protect people from the use of prosecutors [music] If this is the case then maybe you are right, “he said at a news conference.

One of the songs quoted in the complaint was “Take to trial,By Yang Thug, Gunna and Yak Goti from last year’s YSL compilation Slim language 2. According to the complaint, Yak Gotti rapped, “For my slam, you know I’ll kill.” Young thug hook guy.

Young Thug has also been charged with participating in a criminal street gang, while Guna has only been charged under RICO. “If the government has evidence or witnesses who are willing to cooperate – especially if the witnesses themselves are in a criminal organization – they are less likely to lose those allegations,” Chukuma said.

Some of the most serious allegations include the death in January 2015 of Donovan Thomas Jr., who was shot in a suspected drive-by shooting at a barber shop in Atlanta.. Three days before the alleged murder, the young thug rented a silver Infinity sedan that was used in the murder, the complaint said. The lawsuit alleges that Thomas was a member of a rival gang.

More than two weeks after Thomas’ death, Young Thag and a different accused gang leader took part in a conversation in which one of them said that “sacrifices must be made, soldiers must be read to win the war.” The next day, Young Thug allegedly said in a video posted on social media: “So a **** lie to their mother, lie to their children, lie to their brothers and sisters then go straight to the courtroom and tell the truth to God, I don’t understand, my brother from YSL, you all need to be killed, “said prosecutors, adding that there was another Rico offense.

Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steele told the news outlet that “Mr. Williams has committed no crime “and he will” fight to the last drop of his blood to cleanse him. “

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