Sony chairman Will Smith has stopped rumors of a delay in “Bad Boys 4”

Sony The claim is denied that they stopped “Bad Boy 4” In response Will Smith Slap Chris Rock.

Reports circulated after the Oscar slap that many projects had moved away from Smith. The biggest one was the fourth installment of the “Bad Boys” franchise Martin Lawrence. However, Sony chairman Tom Rothman He said that those talks were fake news.

“That movie was made and still is. There were no brakes to pump because the car was not moving, “Rothman said in an interview. Deadline.

Last week, Jerry Brookheimer, Who produced the first three “Bad Boys” films, he said CinemaBlend That “people who are superior” will make the final decision about the next movie.

In light of this “Ali” Intense moments of the actors, other projects have been verified to be delayed or canceled altogether. Netflix has stopped production of Smith’s upcoming flick, “Fast and loose,” When Apple TV + goes backwards “Release,” Starring Smith, until 2023 53 years old, Whom he calls “the good man.”

Rothman added, “It was an example of a very good person having a very bad moment in front of the world.”

The “Bad Boys” franchise has made money 700 million worldwide, With the latest movie “Bad boy for life.”In me 436 million worldwide. There is no expected release date for “Bad Boys 4”, which seems to have stalled before the viral slap.

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