South Florida health officials are investigating a possible monkeypox case

As Worldwide Illness Continue Get up, Florida Health Officials Is Investigation A “Estimated” Monkeypox In the case, it makes the third possible case United States.

According to Per The Florida Department Of Health Inside Broward County, The Case Is Being Investigation And Displayed Per Stay Tied Per Foreign Travel

Wednesday, d CDC Sure a Massachusetts People test positive, WHO Was Recently Gone Per Canada– Make It is The The first Case Of The Unusual Virus Found Inside The United States This Years

The New York City Department Of Health Report On Thursday That It is Was Looking for In A Possible Case Of Monkeypox Later A Patient Tested Positive For Orthopedic viruses, The Virus That Reasons Monkeypox

The Patient Test results Was Sent Per The CDC For Confirmation

More Than 190 Sure Or Doubt Case There is Done Report Inside 16 Countries Where The Disease Is No. Usually See

The Rare Disease Is Usually Found Inside Western And Central Africa, But From A Patient Inside The United State Tested Positive On May 7 Later Travel Per Nigeria, Extra Case There is Done Discovered All Over The The world

Friday, The CDC Issued A Health Be careful Advice Physician And Local Health Department Per Stay On The Be careful For Patients With Monkeypox Symptoms And Per Report Them Per The CDC.

According to public health officials, the risk to ordinary people is low.

Large Breathing Point Inside The Wind, Leather Wounds Physical Liquid, Or Communication With Contaminated Item To be able to All Transfer The Disease From Person Per Person

The The world Health Organization Recommends Isolated If You There is Symptoms, Avoid Communication With Anyone WHO Maybe There is Symptoms, Use A Mask If You Come on In Communication With A Infected Person, And Be careful Bleaching Hand And Surface Per Resistance The Infection From Petni.

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