Stacey Schroeder is why she cast the pump rules from the wedding

Stacey Schroeder explains why she and Beau Clark cast Vanderpump rules from the Italian wedding guest list

Stacy Schroeder His ex was a good reason to leave a lot Vanderpump rules Co-stars from her and Beau ClarkHer second wedding in Italy earlier this month.

During a podcast appearance Monday, Stacey opened up about why she was forced to cut 70 percent of her guest list after being expelled from the Bravo reality series in 2020 over past allegations of racism.

“It simply came to our notice then Vanderpump rulesStacey explained in the May 23 episode Skinny secret frost and her Podcasts, through our weekly.

According to Stacey, he and Beau actually joined a producer when they first scouted their wedding venue in 2019. However, after booking their chosen hotel along with the venue and reception venue, Stacey learned that he would not be included in the series. Then the upcoming ninth season.

Stacey was confronted with complications related to the COVID-19 epidemic, which prevented him and Beau from traveling to Europe and instead managed to tie the knot at an outdoor event in September 2020.

“Bravo didn’t pay for this sh-t,” Stacey shared. “[We had to] Cut 70 percent off the guest list because it is too expensive. Now it’s a 35-person wedding in Rome in a place that’s made for a ton of people. “

As Pump rules As fans now know, Stacey and Beau were the only cast members to attend the Italian event Katie Maloney And her estranged husband, Tom Schwartz. Fortunately, despite the “cutthroat” decisions forcing him to make, Stacey said “everyone understands.”

“We sent an email saying, ‘Yeah, time is hard, we can’t marry 200 people. That doesn’t mean we don’t like you, but you’re not one of my 35 best people, “said Stacey.

Although Stacey has kept in touch with many of her former customers, she admits she is much closer to others than anyone else.

“Katie, as I said, is the godmother of my baby. He’s one of my closest friends, “said Stacey. “I am friends with Kristen but she is not one. We are all moving in different directions. Our lives are so different. I don’t have time to be Weho’s sorceress. “

After Stacy and Beau’s wedding on Instagram, Kristen Doubt Confirmed that he was actually invited, but could not do so due to previous promises.

“Oops, I’m sorry I missed Rome, but we have a wedding here and we’ve already booked it!” Said Kristen. “I’m so glad she got her dream wedding.”

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