Stacy Schroeder explains why Jacques Taylor is “hard to work with.”

Stacey Schroeder called Jacques Taylor "Unhinged" And he said "Hard to work with" Vanderpump rules, speaks of post-firing money concerns and what can return to show him

Stacy Schroeder Ex-boyfriend throwing some shadows Jacques Taylor Time to appear on a podcast in May.

Looking back, he spent many years filming Vanderpump rules In addition, Stacey admits that Jacques was a member of the cast who enjoyed filming before opening up about her husband’s subsequent expulsion. Beau Clark Leave her career to help her with that.

“Jacques, honestly. It was hard to work with. Unhinged can be fun. It’s entertaining. But he will try to cancel the scenes and ruin them for other people,” he recalled on the May 23 episode. Skinny secret frost and her Podcast “He’ll be like, ‘No one wants to go to your party.’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, oh, this is a scene where we’re all destined to be present. Just because you don’t want to go … ‘He made it hard to work. “

Eight seasons follow Pump rulesStassi, along Kristen Doubt, Max BoynesAnd Brett CaprioniDismissed for racist behavior in the past in June 2020 – Stacey and Beau decided to team up just after conceiving their first child and devoting their full attention to their careers as a reality star and podcast host.

“I think, ‘I just bought a house.’ Before Kovid, Beau agreed that he would stop casting for a while and come on tour with me, and we would just focus on my career as a couple and stay together. It was literally, ‘Is that true? How are we going to support ourselves? What are we going to do now? ‘ He just gave up a lot to work on my dream and then my dreams were shattered, “he explained.” So it was a really challenging time. “

According to Stacey, she and Beau were forced to decide how to “start”, “create something else” and “pivot without compromising our relationship and being completely separated as a couple during the epidemic.”

Regarding her possible return to reality television, Stacey said she would only return in front of the camera if she had control over the narrative that would be released.

“I’ve been asked a lot and I’ve had these conversations and I’ve struggled with the fact that my answer is like ‘I don’t know’. I love my life so much right now and I know how reality TV disrupts your life and puts you in a situation where you wouldn’t normally be, “Stacey explained.

Stacey then said that she did not enjoy being in a certain department and lifestyle that was out of her control.

“But at the same time, I really enjoyed working on reality TV. It was fun. [And] I just know I wouldn’t be back on reality TV unless I was an executive producer, “he confirmed.

Vanderpump rules Bravo has recently been renewed for the 10th season and filming is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

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