Stacy Schroeder shared updates with Lisa and Kristen, Sex Life

'Pump Rules' Stacy Schroeder where she stands with Lisa, befriends Katie and Kristen

Is Stacy Schroeder Contact with Lisa Vanderpump After being fired from Vanderpump rules In June 2020?

During a podcast last month, Stacey offered an update on where she was with Lisa before discussing her close relationship with her husband. Beau ClarkExplains how friendship with him Katie Maloney And Kristen Doubt Different, and revealing what he did after being dropped from the Bravo reality series.

After its hosts Skinny secret frost and her The podcast noted that Lisa recently praised Stacey as good television, Stacey admitted that the comment was “good to talk about.”

“Every time I ran up to her and saw her, it was a very nice conversation and I could see that she was expressing things,” Stacey said.

Although Stacey admits that she and Lisa were never close enough to call and text each other, they had a cordial relationship throughout her employment.

“[We were] As close as a boss can be to someone … it’s even more, if I run with him, it’s a wonderful experience and I enjoy running with him, “he explains.

Regarding his marriage to Beau, Stacey said that now that their two-year-old daughter, Hartford’s parents, had to be more deliberate about their love life.

“I’m planning a specific day,” he confirmed. “She doesn’t know I’m planning it, but I know she’ll start it this day and this day when she’s asleep. Beau doesn’t know how to start anymore … Let me start when I’m forbidden.”

When Stacey was asked about her friendship with Katie and Kristen, she admitted that she and Kristen weren’t close.

“Katie is the godmother of my baby. He is one of my closest friends and I am friends with Kristen but it is not one, “he admitted. “We are all moving in different directions and our lives are very different. I just don’t have time to like, be a witch in Viho. “

Why her relationship with Kristen is different, why Stacey didn’t say it right, she went ahead to discuss her desire for “less maintenance friends”.

“I think your friends should match your level. So when someone is in extreme need or I need to text them every day or hang out all the time, I say, ‘No, I’m a low maintenance friend … that’s what I need from you,’ “he shared.

After dismissing Stacey for racist behavior in the past almost two years ago, she took a break from social media to focus on other things as she prepared for the arrival of her first child.

“I never went on social media. I went to Pinterest and this was my only safe place for social media. I decided to zone out, do nothing, focus on what makes me feel happy and healthy. And I just watched External Like the whole summer and bought Halloween and Christmas decorations seven months before the actual holiday, “Stacey recalled recalling that she learned” 24/7 bake “and” how to make yul logs. “

Also during the podcast, Stacey shared her plans for the future, saying that she hopes to return to her previous podcast, return to the tour, and create a new series based on her second book. Off My Head: The Definitive Basic B * tch Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom.

“One of the things I’ve learned over the last couple of years is to focus on one thing at a time and really put everything into that one thing and then move on and so on and so forth in my brain, I put everything I had in this book. And then now this wedding and the next step, this summer, the focus [restarting] My podcast, ”he revealed.

“And finally I might say, ‘Let’s do a podcast tour again, and would anyone want to buy the rights? Off with my head So I can make that show because I have a lot of ideas? So there’s my vision board but I’m taking one step at a time, ”he continued.

Vanderpump rules Season 10 is expected to go into production soon.

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