Star Wars ‘OB-One Kenobi’ defends Moses Ingram after receiving racist

Star wars Defending the star of his new series, Musa Ingram, She got it online after multiple racist attacks.

On TuesdayIngram revealed that he was the target of online trolls who called him a racist slanderer and criticized him for being part of the new Disney + show. “Obi-One Kenobi.” He even shared a screenshot in his IG story showing shocking comments. One user told Ingram that he was a “diversity hire” who would not be remembered for his acting. Another troll told Ingram that he was “not the first *** of Star Wars.”

In a video to his followers, Ingram made a video addressing his 106k followers. He explained that the messages were a small hint in the hundreds that he received like this.

Ingram shared in the video, “I see you guys wearing cape for me, and it really means the world to me because no one can do anything about it,” Ingram shared in the video.

Star Wars quickly praised Ingram for his portrayal Reva Sevender Anyone who criticizes her for being on “OB-One Kenobi” and on the show.

Star Wars wrote in a tweet, “If anyone wants to make him feel unwelcome in any way, we have only one thing to say: we resist.”

Star Wars co-star Evan McGregor also shared a video of him saying that the messages he received from Ingram broke his heart.

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